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Anno 1701

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Sunflowers
Developer: Related Designs

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'ANNO 1701' Add-on in the Works - Screens

by Rainier on March 23, 2007 @ 5:12 p.m. PDT

Set once again in the 16th and 17th centuries, the age of seafaring and discovery, a unique blend of different genres makes this a truly gripping real-time building simulation. For the first time, players of all levels of skill and experience were deeply involved in development. Their influence proved vital in making this unique gaming experience more accessible than ever. Players create their own startlingly vivid, realistic world. Interaction takes place at ever turn. Play this exciting, action-packed game once and you will never want to stop!

The focus of the AddOn lies in the campaign; a community survey revealed that the majority of ANNO players wanted a campaign in ANNO.

The campaign relates, over 11 thrilling missions, the story of a hero; the role assumed by the player. As this hero, the player sets out to join an old friend in a very mysterious, but extremely attractive affair. During his journey, the player has numerous adventures and meets old friends and makes new ones. The story features some unforeseen twists and turns, intrigues and power struggles. The classic ANNO elements of Discovery, Construction, Trade, Diplomacy and Military are mirrored in the individual missions, which are constantly setting the player new challenges. The 11 missions are packed with countless side-quests that present seasoned players with an even greater challenge!

The four new characters essentially carry the story and have been developed as meticulously as the previous ANNO 1701 computer player profiles. Yet there isn't a peace-loving individual behind every new face, and this makes the stories always exciting and full of surprises.

Related Designs incorporated 3 different editors into ANNO 1701 and the world editor will be included in the AddOn. Needless to say, this AddOn editor is user-friendly and is consistent with the ANNO design.

Functions of the world editor:

The editor Related Designs has configured for the AddOn will be both visually and functionally similar to make it interesting and easy to use, particularly for the "casual gamer". The player will be able create his own, individual game world with the editor using a series of functions listed and described below:

  1. Create game worlds of widely differing size: The player can use the editor to create various large worlds; in gameplay terms this will mean that fewer islands will fit into the "smaller worlds".
  2. Placing islands in the game world: The player can now choose islands from the current repertoire of islands (i.e. all the islands included up to now) and place them in the world independently.
  3. Create specific (map) settings: Now, natural resource deposits, start positions and foreign cultures, Pirates and up to three CPs can settle the island world (there are "island restrictions" for the foreign cultures and the Pirates, in that you cannot place them on all the islands)
  4. Create (map) settings: Besides the specific settings, the player can also set the general game parameters (e.g. start and victory conditions. For example, the start conditions are the setting options for start capital, construction cost refund (Yes/Halved/No), strength of the Pirates (Weak/Normal/Strong), trader assignments (Yes/No), disasters (can be selected individually), etc. Victory conditions could be, for example: "independence gained" "Pirate pact" "greatest wealth" (wealth can be adjusted), "largest settlement" (no. of inhabitants can be changed), etc.
  5. Create general (map) settings: Finally, the player can of course choose the name of his map and add some map descriptions.

The player can use the editor to create maps both for the main game ("classic") 1701, and the AddOn. All these settings can be changed as many times as required when editing, only the actual map size cannot be changed.

If setting all the above functions up is too complicated or simply too much trouble for the user, he can have a map created for him incorporating his own ideas, but with the help of the wizard. To do this, the user will be asked a few questions (size of world, no. of islands, etc.). Then, based on the answers, the wizard will then create a suitable map for the player.

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