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'NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 ' - v3.0.4 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 27, 2007 @ 2:28 a.m. PDT

NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 offers players an unrivalled hockey management experience, with a brand new game engine to bring the player even closer to the action during each nail-biting game. This v3.0.4 patch fixes various crashes, UI tweaks, and a bunch of data, contract, competition and other issues.

Get the NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 v3.0.4 patch off WP (25mb)

Custom databases

A new option for custom databases has been added. You now don't need to overwrite the game's own database if you download any unofficial database updates, or edit your own database. Now, the game will allow you to select from a set of custom databases on startup, if they are in the correct place. They should be subfolders of the data/database directory. For example:

data/database --- the default database installed with the patch data/database/mydata --- your own edited database data/database/mydownloadeddata/ --- a database update you downloaded.

On PC, you can also put these databases in the user documents folder. By default, this would be My Documents/Sports Interactive/NHL EHM 2007/data/database/ - you can change this user data location in the game preferences screen if you want to.

The game will support a maximum of 20 custom databases.

As a result of the new database supplied with the patch, all current edited data will be lost - please make a backup if you want to keep your edited data! This new system will prevent the need for this hereafter, if you save your edited database in it's own folder.

Comaptibility with 3.0 to 3.0.2

The fixes in 3.0.3 are compatible with previous versions of NHL EHM 2007. However, due to the nature of some of the bugs (for example, the attribute decline across the whole player database), it is recommended that you start a new game for the best effects. You don't need to start a new game, but since the visible effect of this bug was an after effect of an earlier bug in the game, it may be too late for your saved game to have this bug repaired.

Game speed

Note that the minimum requirements for the game are in reference to a single league on the default database settings. Running all leagues on Enhanced will be slow. If you are experiencing game slowness, please be advised of these contributing factors.

1) Database size. If you choose "Full" then the game will be slow. The game database really is too big to be on Full, so for most people this shouldn't really be an option unless you have a very high end machine. Before starting a new game, it is advised to take this into consideration
2) Number of leagues. Again, there are many leagues in the game and you might wish to consider which ones you really need to be running before you start a new game.
3) Detail level settings. After starting a new game, you can change the detail level settings at any time during the game, which will speed up the simulation of the actual hockey games. Generally speaking, the Quick Sim is good for leagues that you only have a passing interest in. If you're playing in NHL then you could run Europe in Quick Sim mode which means that the games won't be using the full 2D engine but will still generate stats at a comparable level. If you change your mind any time, you can just change the settings again throughout the course of your game.

Game manual

For those of you unaware, the game manual is installed as part of the initial game installation and should cover things in detail. You can find it in the application data directory.


For help with the game and to discuss your franchise with like-minded players, please visit our forums at

Changelist for 3.0.4

Fixed sudden player attribute decline across the board
Enhanced high end prospect development and added a small boost to general skating attributes development
Fixed accept/reject buttons on job offer news being reversed
Fixed a freeze when watching a 2D game
Fixed training settings being reset when taking a national job
Fixed "quick filters" on search screens where the previous filter wasn't cleared
Fixed away club logos shown on right of team screen, introduced in 3.0.3
Fixed Major Juniors regional player restrictions with fake players
Tweaked player new position training
Fixed problem not being able to send a player from NHL to AHL


Fixed crash trying to play out the Austrian All-Stars skills comp in 2013
Fixed crash on the database select dialog, when you picked a database, then went back to the setup screen and then went forward to the dialog
Fixed crash starting a new game with edited data where a non-extinct club never had a division set
Fixed crash playing a match where the team abbreviation in an edited database was too long
Fixed crash if user-customised hints text was too longFixed crash applying tactical changes

Added code to attempt to repair corrupt player stats data
Players drafted by now extinct clubs now show up in Import Draft review screen
Player bio fix to not say a player's "best season" was when he scored 0 points in his only season so far
Fixed "minimum league games" check for awards, meaning players need to play 41 games (instead of 28) to qualify for an end of season NHL award

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