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Massive Assault Network 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Wargaming
Developer: Wargaming

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'Massive Assault Network 2' - Updated Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on March 27, 2007 @ 10:16 a.m. PDT

Massive Assault Network 2 is tailored to get players immersed in instant online play action: game can be started with a single mouse click now and AI opponents make sure player always has someone to fight with. Being offered as "game for smart strategic players" Massive Assault Network 2 will not let casual gamers down: friendly online AI opponents (presented as nice female tutors) are ready to get any newbie some good training which certainly serve as a good experience for fighting other live players.

Get the Massive Assault Network 2 Updated Demo off WP (110mb)

MAN2 is an online strategy game featuring sci-fi conflicts on distant planets. The game is based on the legendary Massive Assault series from which it inherits original "Secret Allies" concept, streamlined turn-based gameplay, perfectly-balanced units, state-of-the art interface and endless replayability.

The new Demo version is extremely refined and provides a quantity of new features and enhancements aiming to make the process of gaming more addictive. It introduces the new rating system, which is totally different from the previous one and tends to bring marvelous experience to each gamer. Besides, the Demo version is performance-optimized and simplifies the process of registration. In addition, the new Demo presents the Mentoring system that stimulates newbies to learn battle tactics from the strongest players of MAN 2 universe.

"The development team has been working around the clock to deliver something gamers have never experienced before," said Victor Kislyi, CEO and creative director,, Inc. "Massive Assault Network 2 is truly the next generation of PC gaming in turn-based strategy genre, and I'm excited to present this highly anticipated masterpiece to the fans."

Other MAN2 Features:

  • Revolutionary turn-based gameplay
  • Fascinating 3D engine
  • "Fancy Camera" to capture the most dramatic moments
  • Simple system of opponent's selection
  • A.I. opponents for training
  • 25 beautiful planets of extraterrestrial environment
  • 42 units of incredible power

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