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CellFactor: Revolution

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Release Date: May 8, 2007

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Freely Downloadable 'CellFactor: Revolution' Goes Gold

by Rainier on April 10, 2007 @ 11:03 a.m. PDT

CellFactor is an FPS set in a warfare industrial atmosphere. As the plot develops, you'll gain access to other two main characters as well, each one with distinctive singularities in the game play. You'll count with a great amount of traditional and experimental weapons, and even your character will get more powerful as the game goes along.

Timeline Interactive based in Egypt also spent months programming code for the game, contributing to the small and specialized global game development team. CellFactor: Revolution is an action-packed, first-person shooter with true-to-life physics that harnesses AGEIA's PhysX processor to produce hyper-realistic cloth, fluid and debris gameplay effects.

While part of the game is playable without the AGEIA PhysX processor, those that the have PhysX accelerator will have access to the complete experience with noticeable gameplay benefits. The game will automatically detect players with a PhysX card, offering them the option to progress through the single-player campaign mode that includes three "extreme PhysX" levels. PhysX users can also challenge humans and AI-enemies in four LAN-based multiplayer modes. Gamers who do not have a PhysX processor will be able to fight artificial-intelligent controlled enemies in the multiplayer "skirmish" modes, in two environments.

"Dreaming up the original concept, creating the art and collaborating with the other teams has been incredible, but what we're most eager to do is get this in the hands of gamers come May 8," said Julian Castillo, art director, lead designer and Immersion Games co-owner. "We think players will have a blast discovering the hundreds of ways they can kill enemies using the environment."

Jeremy Stieglitz, president of Artificial Studios added, "It's an exciting time to go gold with CellFactor: Revolution -- a game which not only shows off some great technology, but introduces fun and original physics action to a crowded first-person shooter genre."

The extreme PhysX levels were designed to spotlight physics gameplay with a purpose. For example, oil leaking from a barrel may be an indicator of its volatile nature, a spider web twitch can indicate nearby movement, lava can be psionically harnessed to deflect or smother enemies, and particle beams can be used as weapons.

"The physics in CellFactor: Revolution are unlike anything gamers have seen before," said Manju Hegde, CEO of AGEIA Technologies, Inc. "The game delivers stunning physics-driven gameplay elements and dramatic effects. The AGEIA PhysX processor dramatically accelerates dynamic motion and interaction in complex environments with real-world, real-time properties for a whole new dimension in gameplay."

Set in a futuristic, industrial war-torn atmosphere, CellFactor: Revolution is an action-packed first-person shooter with Psi-powered combat and true-to-life physics for the PC. It takes advantage of the capabilities of the dedicated AGEIA PhysX processor, enabling gamers to interact with cloth, fluid and the environment in new and exciting ways. Gamers with a PhysX accelerator will have access to all five levels (three utilize extreme PhysX gameplay) in the campaign mode as well as the multiplayer modes. The game will automatically detect PCs without a PhysX processor; those players can explore the multiplayer “skirmish” modes in two environments or choose to install the hardware for a complete game experience.

In CellFactor: Revolution, gamers can manipulate an immense amount of objects simultaneously, control vehicles and fight against AI-controlled enemies or challenge up to 7 friends to a match in the LAN gameplay modes. The multiplayer modes – death match, team death match, assault and capture the flag – are also playable with one human and up to 16 AI-controlled characters.

There are three character classes, all with unique psionic, technological or weapon abilities. Players with psionic power can manipulate the environment to pull, push or lift objects and propel themselves around the levels. In the single-player campaign mode, the player must first master the Bishop, who has only psionic abilities. Next undertake missions with Black Ops who has a mix of Psi, weapon and vehicle control. Finally, pack dual weapons with the Guardian, taking each character through at five industrial settings in the near future on Earth.

After a series of cataclysmic events, the planet is now dominated by a superpower, known as the L.I.M.B.O Corporation, dedicated only to the advancement of technology – no matter what the human cost. This technology forms the basis of a cybernetic-enhanced humanoid army – the Technocracy, whose telekinetic powers are used to maintain order across the planet. A scattered human resistance fights for one last shred of freedom, tapping into psionic abilities in attempt to conquer what appears to be an invincible enemy. The gamer can play as characters from both sides of this war.

Features :

  • Two industrial levels with minimal physics are available for all players in skirmish modes. Proving Grounds is a Psi-power training area and the Fueling Station features a series of platforms ideal for air vehicle landing in the middle of the ocean.
  • Three “extreme PhysX” levels accessible for PhysX users in all modes include:
    • Reactor Processing Core – built inside a rock, it features molten metal, bridges over lava pools, and spider webs on a futuristic machine.
    • Weapons System Control – an indoor map full of rooms with a huge cannon.
    • Storage Facility – comprised of three huge structures, ideal for driving all the vehicles available in the game in multiplayer games.
  • Master the abilities of three unique character classes:
    • Bishop - genetically altered by L.I.M.B.O. to hypercharge her psionic powers, she can manipulate any environmental object to deliver deadly kills without weapons.
    • Black Ops - this U.N. Soldier was L.I.M.B.O.’s first genetic alteration experiment using psionic power; he offers a mix of psionic kills, unique weapon and vehicle abilities.
    • Guardian - L.I.M.B.O.’s ultimate mechanical solider can wield two weapons and strike his victims down with quick assault.
  • PhysX-enhanced gameplay features cloth, fluid and gas interactivity. For example, spider webs trigger the player’s defenses that an enemy is near, the Bishop or Black Ops can use Psi-power to smother enemies or create dynamic deadly barriers with lava, use particle beams as weapons and harness poisonous gas to suffocate enemies.
  • Bishop uses Psi-power to manipulate the environment as weapons to pull, push or lift objects and propel herself around the levels. Specific Psi-powers include: Psi-pull and Psi-push – gain control of objects, pick it up and pull or push it into your opponents. Examples of more advanced Psi powers: Psi-ammo - successively cue up debris, and fire the pieces rapidly one at a time and Psi-wave - charge up Psi-power and use it to part a sea of objects in front of the player, killing anything to the right and left.
  • Black Ops and Guardian can wield four weapons - R2-Phlegethon sniper rifle, R5-Styx assault rifle, R-3 Acheron rocket launcher that delivers three simultaneous shots, and a close range single-shot R-4 LETHE pistol.
  • Black Ops also has access to two secondary weapons - gravity grenades draw in anything in the immediate vicinity and a proximity mine can be stuck to any object the player throws it at and detonated when the victim draws near.
  • In addition to controlling two weapons, Guardian’s brute force abilities include a maximum impact run, enabling him to tear through anything in his path and maximum impact jump, catapulting him across the level terrain.
    • Black Ops can operate four unique vehicles.
    • Goliath - a mechanized power suit which has dual gatling guns, rocket launchers, and limited-use flight boosters
    • Death Stalker assault car - armed with a 360-degree gunner turret delivers battleground mayhem via 20-mm gatling machine gun and rocket launchers
    • Dusk Hawker (Vertical Lift Aircraft) - with gunner-controlled 20 mm gatling machine gun to spread a heavy wall of lead on opponent; pilot and gunner controlled missiles are available to take out aerial and ground opponents
    • Hover Mech - wield dual 30-mm cannons and rocket launchers while piloting six-axis flight controls to pin down and shred enemies.
  • Four multiplayer “skirmish” game modes support up to 8 human players via a LAN connection and up to 16 AI bots.
    • Assault - the objective is to bring the bomb to the enemies’ base and detonate it. Once armed, the bomb emits Psi forces, transforming the area into a psionic vortex as it pulls objects into a black hole when arming.
    • Capture the flag - to capture the flag, players must use Psi powers to move it. If the player takes the role of the Guardian who does not possess such abilities, he/she needs to ram it or use different tactics to manipulate the flag.
    • Death match – each player fights for himself or herself in a kill or be-killed game. Players must be aware of a dynamically changing environment and other players bouncing around the environment due to psionic propulsion.
    • Team death match – teams of 2-4 players (8 players maximum in one round) join forces to fight another group of players.
  • To support the modding community, CellFactor: Revolution will launch with full editing tools, which allows the development of new and original game scenarios.

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