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Atari Brings 'Trioncube' (NDS) to Europe

by Rainier on April 11, 2007 @ 12:01 a.m. PDT

Atari has signed a European publishing agreement with Namco Bandai for its NDS-exclusive addictive and challenging puzzler Trioncube that requires attention, patience and skill to rescue the kidnapped princess from the protagonist’s arch-enemy, Hell Metal.

In Trioncube, the player takes the role of captain on the mighty space ship Penko and embarks on a journey across eight planets into the depths of space to rescue the fair princess from the grasp of the handsomely monikered villain Hell Metal. To succeed on this monumental quest, players must create chains of 3x3 blocks which propel the space ship forward. The bigger the chain, the further the ship hurtles through space, but the clock is ticking.

Unlike traditional puzzlers where the objective is to quickly erase as many blocks as possible, Trioncube is all about creating the ultimate chain of 3x3 blocks before the screen fills up or the chain clock runs out. Each new stage calls for different strategies as players have to frantically slot various shaped blocks into their growing chains. Coins collected from the chains enables the players to buy numerous in-game effects and graphics like sushi rolls, hot dogs and tambourines which leap from the Trioncube as they traverse the galaxy in the good ship Penko.


  • With 4 modes, there are endless challenges! Travel through 8 planets to defeat the Space Monster on Arcade Mode, tackle 45 missions to rescue the Princess, take the challenge to reach up to Dimension 99 and more!
  • Invite a friend, or match up against Hell Metal to test your stacking skills! Can you fuel your ship faster than your mate?
  • With 50 effects and 10 screen Arts, the options are endless on how to create your very own look.
  • With 5 different shapes, strategize to create your ultimate chain without breaking the 3x3 stacks.
  • Accumulate coins through your games, and you can purchase new Effects and Arts – watch sushi rolls, dogs and tambourines pop out of your Trion Cube!

Trioncube, currently available in North America, is scheduled for launch across Europe in June 2007.

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