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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Lighthouse Interactive
Developer: Vertex4

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'SunAge' Gets Delayed #3

by Rainier on April 20, 2007 @ 10:00 a.m. PDT

SunAge is a futuristic RTS where the player can experience 3 different races with each there arsenal of units, buildings and upgrades, taking place across 2 different worlds. In the distant future, earth is dying and mankind retreats into sealed cities. Then a new cult called RaakZun arises, spreading chaos. Our hero battles to protect his Federation and aims to strike at the heart of the Raak Zun’s creed. This opens a gateway to an alien planet and frees up the way for lethal Sentinel drones, who will crush any life-forms that get in their way.

“Since SunAge is one of our most anticipated releases, it is very important for us to deliver a solid product,” said Erik Schreuder, CEO of Lighthouse Interactive. “SunAge is looking very good and our play testers are really enjoying the game.”

“Vertex4 is a young company that is quickly maturing,” said Roman Pfneudl, CEO of Vertex4. “The team is very enthusiastic about this project and we are committed to producing a high quality RTS game. We just need a little more time for this last phase of development. Focus is mainly on fine-tuning the A.I. and tweaking gameplay balancing. We also upgraded to DirectX® 9 which has resulted in better looking graphical environments and vastly improved effects.”

SunAge takes place in the distant future. Set in a sci-fi environment that spans many different worlds ranging from a lush alien planet to Earth – a desolate wasteland where humankind is forced to retreat into shielded industrial cities – a new cult called the Raak-zun arises, spreading chaos. As the hero, you must battle to protect your Federation and strike at the heart of the Raak-zun’s creed. Amidst the havoc, the gateway to an alien planet teeming with lethal Sentinel drones is unlocked. They will not hesitate to annihilate any life form that gets in their way. Conquer enemies using your strategic skills in robust singleplayer, skirmish, and multiplayer (LAN and Online) campaign modes.

SunAge Features

  • 3 Distinct Races: Human, Raak-zun, and Sentinel – each with their own units, buildings, and technological advantages and disadvantages
  • Unique Upgrades: Alternate modes for all units and dual functionality for greater tactical depth
  • Graphics: A great looking game with rich graphical environments and visual effects. Players will still enjoy a full game experience without having to invest in the latest processor or video card
  • Tactics: Exploit weaknesses in the enemy’s network while strengthening your own connection lines.
  • Formations: Intuitive formation handling and superior overview in battles
  • Singleplayer: 24 campaigns each with a compelling plot for each race
  • Multiplayer: LAN and Online – Classic multiplayer with focus on gathering 4 different kinds of resources and outsmarting the opponent in battle
  • Command Queuing: Command your units to prone, build or attack where and when you want them to do so
  • Indirect Intelligent Targeting (IIT): Order your units to focus on pre-selected enemy targets while ignoring other units.

Lighthouse has also announced it has secured the North-American rights for SunAge and looks forward to bringing the game to a worldwide audience. Lighthouse has partnered with XFire. to host a public BETA. Announcements on the beta program will be announced soon.

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