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Baseball Mogul 2008

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Sports Mogul
Developer: Sports Mogul

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'Baseball Mogul 2008' - v10.21 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 26, 2007 @ 12:09 a.m. PDT

Baseball Mogul 2008 features the best simulation experience yet, with up-to-date lineups, a roster of over 18,000 current and former players, complete financial management control, and the ability to sign, trade, and release players. In this year's edition, players can watch the action on the diamond unfold like never before in Play-by-Play mode. As a general manager, enjoy the game from the luxury box and make the necessary power moves to keep your team in the pennant race. In manager mode, set up the proper defense to contain the opposition or instruct your batters to wait for a hitter's pitch. In Player mode, brush the batter back with a high and tight splitter, or swing at a fastball and aim for the fences.

Get the Baseball Mogul 2008 v10.21 Patch off WP (3mb)

Fixes in 9.61
Sortable stats in draft mode fixed. Some minor tweaks to sortable stats in general.
Automatic text output check boxes on League Options dialog fixed
Last column on standings page fixed.
Game log displays (IP column, Decision column) fixed.
All time leader board fixed.

Fixes in 9.62
Column totals on standings page fixed.
Crash bug fixed, changing teams while in playoff screen.
Salary negotiation price increment fixed.
HTML box score/game recap output fixed.
Misspelling on trade response message box corrected.
Display window on playoff screen, size increased.
Amature draft no longer occurs in alphabetical order.
AI teams always setting expenses to modern day prices fixed.
Loading team history from 2007 save game fixed.
Attendance in historical years adjusted.

Fixes in 9.63
Text color on standings page adjusted.
Reduced number of top stories that appear on summary page.
Spelling of Bill Dineen's name corrected.
Several problems with salaries corrected (negative asking prices, etc...)
An infinite loop causing slow downs (crashes) at end of seasons, fixed.
Team logos from game appear in box scores/recaps.
Proper Mogul Hall of Fame background created.
Batting (Game stats) display in Play by Play mode fixed.
Salaries displayed on trade block and trade screen incorrect.

Fixes in 9.70
Incorrect box scores/recaps opening from calendar fixed.
Inability to receive cash in trade while in debt fixed.
Headlines reporting new contracts as negative values fixed.
AI expense spending fixed.
Balance cash offering different amounts for the same player fixed.
Increments of cash available through trades reduced.
'Clear non-MLB YBY stats' added to Advanced Options
Finances fixed for low-inflation years (e.g. 1901)
Expanded box scores (HBP, GIDP, CS, E, DP)
Ball paths improved
Wind effects added, and spin and wind resistance improved
Stadium costs adjusted for inflation
User can type exact cash amount into trade offers
Free agent salaries increased (espeically for veterans)
Interface fixed for arbitration and negotiations
Improvements to saving logic during Play-By-Play (GM mode)
Stadium view moved to top of Play-By-Play screen

Fixes in 9.71
Reimplemented the opening screen Bouncy Balls.
Ball trajectory and pitch-path tweaks.
Main leaders page HTML output.
Scouting report art changes and fixes to flicker and vanishing YBY lines.
End of year hang fixed. (Team Options)
CPU releases fewer players into Free Agency.
News navigation buttons no longer vanish.
Font rendering improvemnst for wide letters like W.
Note: The ball paths should be WORSE in 9.71 than in 9.70, so please ignore that for now.

Fixes in 9.72
Ball trajectory improvements
CPU signs players in off-season
Free Agent AI re-written and optimized
Contract Renewals added to 'AI' section of League Editor
Save/Resume from inside Play-By-Play improved
Scouting: Truncated text fixed
Find Players: Salary filter fixed
'Leaders' page added to Encyclopedia (still not finished, however)
Note: The new "Modern Closer Usage" setting in the League Editor doesn't do anything yet.
Note: Version 9.73 was intentionally skipped in order to test new code dealing with version numbers.

Fixes in 10.00
Find player dialog salary field fixed.
Salary field in player editor fixed.
Trading Block cash input fixed.
Importing players from Lahman no longer misreading SLA team abbreviation.
Arizona catcher is no longer the default friend of players.
Using "sim until free agency" no longer results in error message.
Updated the version number code.

Fixes in 10.01
Fixed player editor ('Overall' rating).
Fixed cash displayed on transaction screen showing up incorrectly.
Fixed draft going in reverse order.
Encyclopedia complete (test this from the Tools Menu).
Memory hole repaired

Fixes in 10.02
Corrupted stats, rating and simulation fixed (this was worst in historical seasons like 1961)
Fixed the order that offers on the trading block appear in.
Overlapping text below player photo fixed
Auto-updater fixed

Fixes in 10.03
Retirees now die, as appropriate.
Fictional player names are no longer click-able, leading to bad pages on
Players who are friends with retirees no longer have a happiness dialog saying that they want to be on the "Retired" team.
Text on player cards fixed (personality tab)
At bat vs. Pitcher information in play by play screen now updates with game information.
Couple of incorrect manager portraits fixed.
Column heading on pitching dialog adjusted to line up correctly.
ERA column on splits screen removed.
Opening encyclopedia no longer causes a browser error in Firefox.
Note: We are using 10.04 and 10.05 for internal testing (CD builds, auto-update etc.), so the next beta version will probably be called '10.06', and won't be posted until around Tuesday, March 13th.

Fixes in 10.06
Saving uncompressed games and auto-save are fixed.
News stories written for games.
HOF stats repaired for games imported from old versions.
Text on team awards buttons fixed.
Player awards assigned to teams when starting a new game
Runners display on HTML game play-by-play fixed.
Clarified the help file regarding pitch ratings listed on batter and pitcher cards.
Restored headline generation for stories other than injuries.
No-Trade Clause AI fixed.
Players no longer ask for salaries above the maximum.
Ticket price increment no longer locked at 25 cents
Paper cost display will now say one dollar instead of one hundred cents.
HTML Encyclopedia: Financial stats fixed when output in mid-season
HTML Encyclopedia: All-time franchise leaders page fixed
HTML Encyclopedia: Some incorrect financial data fixed
Payroll budget fixed on New Game screen when starting in 1901
HTML Box Scores: Spacing added around logos; dead links removed
Fixed: Window-resizing on game startup
10-day totals fixed in pitcher Game Log
New Intentional Walk AI
"Intentional Walks" adjustment added to Simulation Settings
Pitch names added to Sortable Stats
Player age correctly calculated from birthday

Fixes in 10.07
Fixed missing batter and pitcher animations in 10.06.

Fixes in 10.08
Saving uncompressed games and auto-save are fixed
HTML Encyclopedia: Fixed teams being displayed as "Los Angeles Angels" (new bug in 10.06)
Reduction in retirement by injured players
Error message fixed in debug file: "Retired team in Erase_Cached_Value_At_Position(52,77,...)"
Player Editors: Position players can be changed to pitchers and vice versa.
Player career length shown correctly for historical rookies in Amateur Draft
Amateur draft moved to first Tuesday in June
Amateur draft order based on previous year's finish, even in first year of simulation (uses historical team records)
Overall rating updates correctly in player editor
Releasing players now properly charges team who released the player
Added information display regarding changing the rotation and adjusting strategies
Simulator fixed
Option years for player contracts now considered in players value for trades
Sortable stats now sorting by column correctly
Reduced the talent level of some fictional players

Fixes in 10.09
Fixed load bar remaining on screen when resuming some games
Ratings no longer change just from opening player editor
Historical and fictional rookies option check boxes fixed on New Game dialog
Overall should no longer be higher than peak rating
Improved trade AI

Fixes in 10.10
Number of walks reduced/intentional walks scored correctly.
Added ability to set prices to the nearest penny in pre-WWII years
Fixed asking price display on contract negotiation screen.
Overall should no longer be higher than peak rating.

Fixes in 10.11(last Beta release)
Computer teams now set their ticket prices as time goes by
Players peaks will no longer be above 100
Errors now recorded to the correct player
corrected XXXXX entries in game recaps/box scores

Fixes in 10.12 (Unofficial)
Crash/hang fixed in mid-swing in PBP

Fixes in 10.13
Saving game in unrecoverable state (during Play-By-Play) prevented
Defensive replacements no longer credited as 'pitcher of record'
'On The Mound' text updates correctly in Pinch Hitter dialog

Fixes in 10.14 (Unofficial)
Improved trade AI (CPU values prospects more, and will throw less cash at a deal)
Player links fixed in HTML box scores (although you still need to 'Output Encyclopedia' to create the scouting report pages)
Linescore (in HTML recap and box score) now shows all innings, even if game isn't over
Strikeouts decreased in pitch-by-pitch mode
Ball trajectory fixed when bunting for a single (in 10.13 the ball dropped straight down because the velocity was accidentally being set to zero)
Photo size fixed in Scouting Report
HTML Encyclopedia: Team totals (grouped by league) added to the 'home' page for each year
HTML Encyclopedia: Pitches arsenal added to Scouting Report
Some crash bugs fixed based on submitted 'debug report' files
Note: There is no 10.15 (it will be the free demo version).

Fixes in 10.16 (Unofficial)
AI selections in fantasy draft adjusted
Curve ball names corrected in player editor
Game can be saved and resumed during amateur draft
Player demands during contract negotiations corrected (was worst in older [pre-1950] seasons)
Expansion draft fixed (sometimes the expansion draft was corrupted by the previous amateur draft)

Fixes in 10.17
Updated rosters for Opening Day
Some bugs fixed in loading Players/Input/Master.csv
Patch no longer verifies full version using the 'Photos' folder (to reduce frustration among photo modders)
"Player would rather play for the Retired" fixed
Player name column widened on Transactions Page
Salaries calculated correctly at start of game in historical seasons
Simulator tool fixed

Note: 10.17 is not available as a patch. It is the version number assigned to the full copy of the game that is currently for sale by download.

Fixes in 10.18
Fixed incorrect number of 'seasons' showing in Scouting Report
Tweaked/increased decline of 'range' due to age based on new data
HTML Encyclopedia: Empty tables eliminated on All-Time Leaders Page
More sentences added to game news stories; Blank lines added to game stories for spacing
Fielding errors correctly recorded in playoff games

Improvements since 10.19:
Stadium Editor: 'Stadium Effects' editable
Trade AI improved and optimized
Hotkeys added for 'Play One Week' and 'Play One Month'
Hotkey (ESC) implemented for 'Play-->Stop'
Pitch-by-pitch: strikeout rate fixed
Cash limited to $1,000,000,000
Debt limited to $1,000,000,000
More players available in Free Agent Period (November) in historical sims

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