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Out Of The Park Baseball 2007

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Sports Interactive Ltd
Developer: Sports Interactive Ltd

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'Out of the Park Baseball 2007' - v2.0.1 Patch/Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 6, 2007 @ 1:26 a.m. PDT

In OOTP Baseball 2007 players get the chance to do almost anything a real life general manager can do to guide their team to glory. Players can also create their very own fictional baseball universe, create and import fantasy teams and players or simply compete with other human players in an online league.

Get the Out of the Park Baseball 2007 v2.0.1 Patch/Demo off WP (16/70mb)


New features:
- Added the ability to add a park in the park editor
- The game now remembers the preferred view in the pitching staff & lineup/depth chart screens
- When loading a game or selecting a new manager, the head scout is now preselected on all pages
- Added a "Restore Defaults" button to the league totals setup
- Added direct link to salary report to front office screen
- Added link to development report to manager home screen under team reports

- New command line parameter 'nofacegen'. Disables Facegen when added to command line.
- New config setting "Facegen mode (Standard/Troubleshooting)" in preferences dialog. Troubleshooting uses a hidden window for rendering instead of pixel buffers.
- If trace mode is enabled through command line parameter or config file setting, certain problems which happen during startup will be displayed in message boxes
- If trace mode is enabled, ther will be a 'Show info' in picture menues

Bug fixes:
- Importing rosters from league setup no longer effects fan interest
- When creating a historical league with minor leagues through the wizard, 40-man roster rules are now enabled
- Added better error reporting for esellerate problems
- Fixed problems when managing a minor league team, the AI no longer interferes
- Editing weather data in the ballpark editor no longer requires hitting ENTER
- Fixed Joe Nobodies popping up after reimporting the name database
- Fixed some template related problems (#3039)
- Fixed a bug which could let Facegen use the wrong pixel format
- Fixed a bug which let Facegen use the wrong windows handle
- Fixed several problems with deleted leagues
- Fixed problems with adding leagues after game has been created and simulated for a few years
- Fixed tar.gz. issues with zero byte files
- Fixed rare crashes on trade screen
- When importing the entire league history, past franchises are no longer handled like seperate teams
- Fixed several cosmetic bugs
- Tweaked OOTP 6.5 importing of stealing/speed ratings
_ Fixed problems with assigning scouts to scout the upcoming draft
- Fixed problems with multiple inaugural drafts when adding feeder leagues before finishing draft
- Fixed problems with free agent compensation picks
- Fixed problems with too few coaches when adding minor/feeder leagues to an existing game
- Fixed crashes in historical leagues when simming 1968 with expansion draft turned off
- Fixed rule 5 draft date issues
- Fixed usage of foreigner percentage in feeder leagues
- Fixed problems with editing recaps
- Fixed ethnicity problems when importing 6.5 leagues
- Player salary reports now included in online web reports
- Team schedule reports now included in online web reports
- changed default folder When importing OOTP 6/6.5 or OOTP 2006 files
- Templates cache will be deleted When opening another database
- Fixed bug on select color dialog with selecting certain colors like pink
- Where the Tab key skips to next control, the Shift+Tab goes to previous control now
- F1 help works now on league schedule editor page
- On the manager history report page, sorting for "Years" works now
- faces.dat will not be included in online league file uploads, because it caused problems in mixed leagues (PC and Mac) and is not needed anyway, since the GM's may not change faces
- The manager's picture is now being saved
- The "create reports" dialog will no longer create reports for deleted leagues
- Fixed typos

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