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Akella's 2007 E3 Media and Business Summit Lineup

by Rainier on May 18, 2007 @ 10:39 a.m. PDT

Akella's lineup features both sequels and new exciting developments of various genres. 6 key titles announced for this year’s E3 Media and Business Summit include Disciples III, Jagged Alliance 3, Heavy Duty, Showdown: Scorpion, 2025: Battle for Fatherland, and Numen.

“Akella has a good track of records as a developer, publisher and distributor of high quality gaming products and is committed to sustaining and promoting its position on the world market. E3 Media and Business Summit is an excellent place to go on capacity building, show our best achievements and extend existing business relations”, said Dmitry Arkhipov, Akella CEO.

Akella’s E3 Media and Business Summit lineup can be found below:

Disciples III (Q4 2007)

Advances in gameplay and addition of new elements to the original ominous style of the Disciples world make the game even more vivid and interesting. The third part of this well-known sequel will enable a player to experience increased fluidity in multiplayer and less downtime in single-player.

Jagged Alliance 3 (Q1 2008)

After the main character’s success in the first two games, again, he is involved into the “worldwide hitman league”. A player will experience more than a dozen non-linear missions that take place day and night no matter what weather conditions are. A realistic system of character and building damage makes the picture “flow” into one’s veins filling the heart with authentic horror and drive.

Heavy Duty (Q3 2007)

The planet where Heavy Duty is fulfilled is a unique, self-sufficient and realistic world. A player will be able to see mountain ranges, ice caps, feel storms in the atmosphere and…change the landscape influencing the environment by actions just like any person can do on the Earth. Any part of the planet becomes a war zone as monstrous aliens try to invade it – hot battles, ready-to-die characters and robot fights will leave this planet a real hell littered with their remains.

Showdown: Scorpion (Q4 2007)

The near future is in real danger – terrorists and gangs control most of the cities inhabited with innocent and defenseless citizens. What makes it even worse is a nano-virus acquired by criminals and questioning survival of mankind. So it’s time for a Hero to appear! Scorpion is an operative who is tasked to exterminate a dangerous virus and save people. Multiple gameplay styles with visual effects and attack modes will make this extraordinary FPS an unforgettable experience.

2025: Battle for Fatherland (Q3 2007)

Hostile invaders that are not so easy to fight with, fatherland suffering from pain and blood, the main character who turns out to be the last person in the world capable of managing this awful situation…what a compelling plot to take your breath away! A player can experience realistic robot movements, use diverse weapons and tactics, control an unforgettable character – a real trooper and fight for the native land.

Numen (Q4 2007)

A beautiful world of Greek myths and legends, romantic ancient times…and fierce battles with monstrosities, bloody sacrifices and rituals make this game an epic adventure interesting to everybody. A player can choose 9 gods to worship and, depending on the god chosen, a character to lead to victory and prevalence over others.

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