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'Lifesigns' (NDS) Coming to North America - Screens

by Rainier on May 18, 2007 @ 10:56 a.m. PDT

Alerts, blue lights and bloody excoriations – humanity need the gods in white, and DreamCatcher is bringing it to North America. In Lifesigns for the NDS, it’s up to you if you save lives. Each second is important – the emergency room is waiting for you!

As a young, motivated doctor you get to know the daily hospital life. Experience exciting hours in the emergency room, save lifes and practice dangerous surgeries. Be a comfort to your patient and a friend for your colleagues. Like in the most famous TV soaps, you will start your career as an assistant doctor and become after a hard school the chief physician of the hospital. But be aware that every action has it’s reaction and your actions could be the decision of life of dead.

Live the exciting life of a young, motivated doctor in this simulation game where you will find out what it is like to examine, diagnose and operate on patients.  With the unique features of the Nintendo DS, you will use authentic medical techniques and instruments to take pulse rates, make incisions and much more. 

It's a matter of life and death in this unique and exciting adventure game. You must strive to become a top-notch intern at one of the country's best hospitals.  As though you were a real doctor, you will be continuously confronted with medical emergencies and personnel issues that require your immediate attention.  Communicate and interact with patients, nurses and other doctors in this dramatic medical simulation game where you are the doctor on call!


  • Experience medical drama in this innovative and exciting adventure game - feel the adrenaline rush of dealing with non-stop medical emergencies as you live the life of a young, motivated doctor!   
  • Interact and communicate with staff and patients that you meet throughout the game - review and discuss patients' medical records, ask questions as you diagnose patients' problems and resolve volatile personal conflicts before they boil over!
  • Find out what it is really like to juggle your personal affairs with the demanding lifestyle of a medical intern!
  • Examine, diagnose and operate on patients using the unique stylus and touch-screen features of the Nintendo DS to perform actual medical techniques and use medical instruments - take auscultation, pulse rates, incisions, sutures and many more!
  • Play many mini-games as the story unfolds! 

LifeSigns, developed by Spike, is rated T for teen, and is scheduled for release summer of 2007 for a suggested retail price of $29.99 USD.

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