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'Di-Gata Defenders' (NDS) Announced

by Rainier on May 23, 2007 @ 4:44 p.m. PDT

The Game Factory announced Di-Gata Defenders, a new title based on the first season of the action-packed, fantasy quest animated television series produced by Nelvana and LuxAnimation, currently airing on Teletoon Monday to Friday at 6:30 PM and week-ends at 7:00 PM ET/PT.

Join the Di-Gata Defenders in their battle against the evil Lord Nazmul and his Order of Infinis. With the help of their powerful Guardians these young heroes fight to control the destiny of four pure stones. These stones are the last line of protection between the good people of Rados and Lord Nazmul who wants to rule them. By getting their hands on the Powerful stones, Lord Nazmul and the Order of Infinis will be able to release the trapped evil Megalith and build a machine to permanently destroy the precious pure stones! Not only will they then rule Rados, but they will also gain eternal life!

It is up to you to help the Di-Gata Defenders and prevent this evil plan being executed by creating your own hero and exploring the exciting world of Rados.

Developed by Mistic Software in Montreal, Di-Gata Defenders will take players on a fantasy quest that will challenge their skills, speed and strategic abilities. Take part in this action-packed strategy adventure and get ready to cast the power!

Henrik Mathiasen, President at Game Factory, commented, “Di-Gata Defenders is an exciting new IP and we’re thrilled to be bringing this series to life in the world of video games. The blend of action and strategic combat lends itself perfectly to the ever-expanding Nintendo DS market”.

Doug Murphy, President, Nelvana Enterprises, added, “Di-Gata is poised to ‘cast the power’ the world over. Game Factory is a key partner as we build our Di-Gata audience on the exciting Nintendo DS platform”.

Key Features :

  • Play and interact with the characters from the show – Seth, Melosa, Erik, Kara, Adam, Lord Nazmul, Brackus, Flinch and Malco.
  • Create your very own Di-Gata Defender.
  • Improve your skills and hero power.
  • Unlock new abilities with powerful stones.
  • Build your own strategies and kits.
  • Explore 3 provinces of the Rados world and visit villages, towns, caves, towers and much more.
  • Talk, battle and trade with the characters you encounter along the way.
  • Collect 8 Guardians, multiple stones and cards.
  • Unlock numerous side quests by interacting with characters you encounter in the village.
  • Buy or sell cards and stones to help you advance in the game.

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