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'Ageod's American Civil War' - v1.03 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on May 24, 2007 @ 7:45 a.m. PDT

AGEOD's American Civil War enjoys a very intuitive interface and is easy to learn. Compared to its predecessor, Birth of America, it features many additions such as new economic and political features, player control of troop recruitment, full chain of command from armies to brigades and much much more!

Get the Ageod's American Civil War v1.03 Patch off WP (8mb)

Bugs Fixes

fixed: Some of the divisions added by setup would not split correctly.
fixed: 'Save under a new name' procedure had an error.
fixed: In some cases, you could not merge 2 stacks together if the map was focused far from the region of the said stacks.

User Interface Additions

Total losses since the start of the scenario/Campaigns are shown in the Objectives page of the Ledger (F9).
Some leaders without custom portraits would not show properly on the main map.
Starting seniority for generals is now shown in the Element Detail Window, in brackets.

Game Play, Rules Additions and Changes

Militia building is better repartited between towns without garrisons.
The battle engine now takes into account the losses incurred during a given fight to check for retreat will (before only the relative power of both side was checked).
The overal power value of all the stacks (this figure is an abstract calculation of the combat power of stacks) now takes into account the command penalty. This change will improve the overall AI behavior and the battle engine behavior when checking for retreats.
Weather patterns entirely redone according to the following zones: Central America, Coastal Lowlands, Europe, Great Lakes, Gulf Coastal, Seas, Mid Atlantic, Mississippi Basin, New England, North Appalachian, North Plains, Ozarks, South Appalachian, South Plains, Upland South, Upper South.
Blockade Runners have less chances to be intercepted.
Industrialisation formula revised, a bit less costly for richer states.

Scenarios/setups Additions and Changes

Missouri Force Pool Additions corrected.
Belle Boyd should not be locked into her chamber anymore. (was permanently fixed)
Indians regiments are now removed when reformed into regular CSA cavalry.
Naval Academy event fixed.
Naval Pacific squadron is locked until Foreign Intervention.
Kentucky events revised once more.
Wooden frigates could be built in the Great Lakes, fixed.
Forrest did not appears in 1863 setup.
Lee Takes Command event fixed.


Blockade interest increased.
AI will refit more often her ships.
Weather is taken into account much more.
Building scheme majorly improved.
Garrisoning of militias improved.
AI will decide to recover more often land units, and in a more efficient way.

Data tweaks and changes

Horse Artillery speed slightly upped.
Gain of War furnitures (war supplies) lowered by 33% when investing in industry.
The over cautious trait has been removed from the game, Strategic rating represents also overcautiousness.

Graphics additions

Sandra farewell to the players: 8 new generals portraits added: USA: T. Crittenden, WHL Wallace, J. Newton, F. Barlow, CSA: C. Field, E. Johnson, J. Kershaw, R. Hoke. The remaining portraits are planned by another artist.

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