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The Kameleon Project Launched to Help Indie Developers

by Rainier on May 4, 2007 @ 8:20 a.m. PDT

Independent developer Slitherine Software announces it has brought to life The Kameleon Project, created to assist other independent developers to bring their games to market.

If you’ve got programmers but no artists, the Kameleon Project will arrange a match. If you’re missing music and sound effects the Kameleon Project can help. If you need design, marketing, business or general advice the Kameleon Project is your one stop shop.

Over the years Slitherine have made many friends and keep in regular touch with them, exchanging information and ideas, and sharing experiences, good and bad. During this time it became apparent to Slitherine that whilst many independent teams lack nothing in talent they have little or no experience in dealing with marketing, publishing, contracts, and the million and one other things that are needed to successfully launch a new title. In their eagerness to bring their games to market they often settle for deals that are less than favourable to them.

Slitherine supplies marketing and PR support, external production (music, sound effects, box art etc), game design, technical support, pro-forma documentation, sales and negotiating expertise and in fact anything needed to progress the development of their projects, allowing the development team to concentrate on what they do well, make great games. The first release from the Kameleon Project is ‘Commanders – Europe at War’ from Firepower Entertainment and DoubleThink Studios, which will be mastering in May 2007.

Johan Persson from Firepower Entertainment said, "For Firepower Entertainment, being part of the Kameleon Project has been a great opportunity for us to get into the game business by working closely with Slitherine. This would not have been possible otherwise and I'm really pleased that Slitherine has given Firepower Entertainment the chance to prove itself in this way."

Iain McNeil from Slitherine added, "Firepower Entertainment had some great ideas but just needed a little help and to be pointed in the right direction. They put in all the hard work and now they have a great game. We just can't wait to see it released. It’s exciting times for us and we are especially proud to be able to bring the work of these talented teams to the market, which might not otherwise have seen the light of day "

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