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Eidos Brings 'Glory Days 2' (NDS) to North America

by Rainier on May 8, 2007 @ 2:22 p.m. PDT

Eidos announced today it has signed a North American publishing agreement for Glory Days 2, offering classic good versus evil shoot-em-up action, combined with ferocious real time strategy

Glory Days 2 offers classic good versus evil shoot-em-up action, combined with ferocious real time strategy; a first on the DS. This unique combination of genres, combined with the Nintendo DS’s innovative control system and dual screens, makes for an immersive and, most importantly, fun gaming experience. 3D glasses functionality brings another dimension to gameplay, enhancing graphics and adding depth to battle-damaged landscapes.

The player controls one of three heroic aviators, progressing through 16 expansive campaigns, gradually evolving from classic WWII aircraft to modern-day F14’s and deadly Apache helicopters. Flying aces engage in dogfights with the enemy, alternating between machine guns, and heat-seeking missiles to down their foes and claim air supremacy. Fearless helicopter pilots deploy troops behind enemy lines and weave through flak, bombing key strategic units in a compelling tug-of-war for territorial possession.

Players take command over ground units, allocating funds to build tanks, ground troops and mobile ground-to-air defences during real time battles. Funds can be accrued by capturing the opponent’s bases and saving civilians in Choplifter-esque rescue missions. As players’ progress their military might grows, unlocking V2 rockets, drones, paratroopers and devastating B-2 stealth bombers.

Players can go head-to-head in the fierce and gripping WiFi multiplayer mode, supporting up to 8 players split into 2 cooperative teams, both with one objective; capture and destroy the enemy command centre. Battles are fully customisable, allowing players to choose vehicle allocations, gameplay type (action, tactical or strategic), length of play and even weather conditions.

"Glory Days 2 presents a unique blend of strategy and action," said Director of Marketing, Matt Gorman, Eidos, Inc. "The result is a faster and more intelligent gameplay experience unlike anything that is currently out on the Nintendo DS."

"We are very excited to bring Glory Days 2 to the North American market," said Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Robert Lindsey, Eidos, Inc. "The gameplay is instinctive and fun, and when coupled with a robust multiplayer mode, Glory Days 2 makes one of the best choices for a Nintendo DS game."

Features of the game include:

  • Huge battlefields with up to 250 ground units so fast paced, intense and exciting combat can be undertaken and an "intelligent" camera will always follow the action on the ground.
  • Wifi activated - 2-8 players.
  • Huge campaign with 16 missions where the player relives the life of three different pilots in three different times.
  • The use of three different technologies.
  • Optional 3D Glasses, a first for the DS. See the game in real life and feel the sweat run down your spine. In single play or multiplayer mode, each side has their choice of weapons.
  • Mesmeric stereo surround sound to heighten the senses and bring the game to life.
  • Plus a lot more...

Glory Days 2 lets you into the action within minutes of play but the game builds in intensity and excitement as you traverse a number of ground and air operations and focus toward the epic battle. The rules are easy to understand and can be quickly implemented through the intuitive menu and interface. It’s coming through the final epic battle that will select the ‘men from the boys’.

Developed by French based ODenis Studio, Glory Days 2 is scheduled for a summer release in North America.

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