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Gamecock Reveals Anti-E3 Exhibition Details

by Rainier on June 14, 2007 @ 9:05 a.m. PDT

Gamecock Media Group continues its mission to champion original titles today with the announcement of the final details of its much anticipated E.I.E.I.O event. The "Expo for Interactive Entertainment, Independent and Original" is being held at Santa Monica's Hotel California, right smack in the middle of all the E3 hotels.
  • E.I.E.I.O. Details
  • Location: Hotel California
  • Address: 1670 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA
  • Times: 7/11 12pm-6pm; 7/12 10am-6pm; 7/13 12pm-4pm

Playable games, accessible developers, Gamecock suckers, and food and drink will all be part of the festival.

"EIEIO is going to be a celebration of the amazing lineup of independent developers that Gamecock has been lucky enough to sign on, and I'm thrilled to say that every one of them will be in attendance to give personal demos of their works in progress,” said Mike Wilson, Grand Champeen and CEO of Gamecock. “And, of course, there will be a truckload of that very special Texas hospitality that our friends have come to expect. While this year's E3 ‘business summit' might seem a bit strange and uptight, those who still harbor a true love for original games and the talented folks that create them should know that there's plenty of room at the Hotel California. Such a lovely place..."

Gamecock's artist-driven line-up crosses every platform and hits multiple genres. The showcase includes several previously announced games along with several new ones. Developers will be on hand to demo their creations and answer any questions. Among the featured titles are:

  • Fury (PC) – The ultimate competitive PVPMMO combines fast-paced gameplay with traditional online RPG elements, developed by Auran. Ship date: Fall 2007.
  • Insecticide (PC & Nintendo DS) – Insects rule a gritty crime world in this high action adventure title from Crackpot Entertainment. Ship date: Fall 2007.
  • Dementium: The Ward (Nintendo DS) – A creepy survival horror FPS unlike anything seen on the Nintendo DS, developed by Renegade Kid. Ship date: Fall 2007
  • Hail to the Chimp (Next-Gen Platforms) – Mayhem erupts as the animal kingdom vies for a new king in this politically fueled party game. Developed by Wideload Games. Ship date: Spring 2008.
  • Mushroom Men (Nintendo DS & Wii) – Civil war breaks out in a visually stunning fungi world in this action title from Red Fly Studio. Ship date: Fall 2008.
  • Dungeon Hero (PC & Xbox 360) – A sword-swinging, close-quarters combat, action-packed portrayal of life in the dungeon from Firefly Studios. Ship date: 2009.
  • Two Major Unannounced Next-Gen Titles – Some things you have to see to believe!

"We've hit the ground running with wildly creative games on all next-gen platforms and PCs," said Harry Miller, President and Head of Development for Gamecock Media Group. "E.I.E.I.O. will be a great opportunity for the world to get their eyes on these products and see, first-hand, what these talented developers have in store.”

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