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'EVE Online: Revelations II' Gets Launch Date

by Rainier on June 14, 2007 @ 3:05 p.m. PDT

CCP today announced that its seventh, and free, expansion, EVE Online: Revelations II, will launch on Tuesday, June 19th. Revelations II adds many new fixes, tweaks and features, such as a protected zone for newcommers to the game, improved management and plenty more...

Revelations II is the seventh free expansion for EVE Online and includes important improvements and additions. New players will appreciate a completely revamped New Player Experience where rookie pilots begin their adventures in EVE within a protected area to learn the essentials of gameplay within a protected environment at their own pace. For the more seasoned pilots and alliances, the broader Sovereignty scope, improved Corporation and Alliance management and introduction of Heat will be most important.

The most notable features of Revelations II include:

  • Heat – Adding a new dimension to space combat in EVE. The ability to boost performance of ship modules can mean the difference between life and death, but not entirely without risk.
  • Broader Sovereignty Scope - Sovereignty concept broadened with intermediate goals and four different tiers: Territory, Protectorate, Province and Constellation Capital.
  • Revamped New Player Experience – Optimization and streamlining of the tutorial vastly improves how new players are introduced to EVE Online, making it more fun and easier to start their alter ego existence in space.
  • Need for Speed – Significant CPU and dogma optimizations that set the groundwork for full Vista support slated to be introduced in a future expansion.
  • Structure Warfare Enhancements – A number of new features expand the opportunity for strategic operations.
  • Improved Corporation and Alliance Management – The addition of vital tools and roles necessary to command and conquer.
  • Agent Mission Improvements – The introduction of Level 5 Agents add the most challenging Player-versus-Environment encounters yet.
  • Expanding the Frontiers of Exploration - Rare NPC spawns and other opportunities abound for greater solo exploration as well as increasing the chances of discovering in-space encounters and hidden deadspace pockets.
  • Anti-Fleet Warfare – Discover new tactics for dispersing large concentrations of ships.

With so many exciting additions and changes to the game, there’s never been a better time to explore the challenging and expansive universe. A free, 14-day, no obligation trial is available at Stake your claim and set a course for fame and fortune in EVE Online today.

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