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Race Driver: Create & Race

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters

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'Race Driver: Create & Race' (NDS) Track Editor Details - Screens

by Rainier on June 21, 2007 @ 9:11 a.m. PDT

Race Driver: Create & Race has been designed from the ground up for NDS and lets players thrash the most formidable sports cars through closely-fought races on the worldÂ’s most prestigious circuitsÂ… and then lets players create their very own circuits with a full track construction kit.

Racing official high-performance cars on the most challenging tracks in the world is just half the fun in Race Driver: Create & Race as Codemasters reveals further details of the game's custom circuit construction kit.

Developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS, Race Driver: Create & Race is an innovative addition to the renowned series. It gives players unprecedented creative freedom by introducing an advanced, but easy-to-use, track designer. Players can rev their engines on recognisable world class circuits and then, using the Nintendo DS stylus, design unique race tracks from scratch with as many devious touches as desired.

Construct anything from simple but intense speed ovals, to tracks filled with hair-pins and chicanes designed to intimidate the most experienced of drivers. Pick any of the set pieces, including pit stops, dips, bridges, run-offs or even the scenery and then place them on the grid to create tracks worthy of the legendary race cars featured.

Alternatively, players can choose to create their tracks using the unique free draw tool. Simply draw the track you want on the grid and the tool will automatically lay down the correct corresponding set pieces, rotating them where necessary. There's even a handy rubber for those times when creativity is given too long a lead.

To examine their handy-work, players can choose to take a dynamic 3D fly-through tour of the circuit or take out one of the cars on a test drive of the track. Those who want to get the ultimate edge on their friends can also race against the AI on their newly constructed circuit. Once players have mastered their own circuits, it's time to bring in up to three friends and race against each other for real over single-card play sharing or four player Wi-Fi-Connection.

Says Jamie Firth, Producer of Race Driver: Create & Race at Codemasters, "Once you've conquered the 32 in-game tracks, which include Silverstone, Bathhurst, Nurburgring, then Create & Race players can really challenge themselves and their friends with a never-ending number of track combinations. There's nothing sweeter than inviting up to three friends to race on your very own track… and owning them on it!"

Featuring over 20 prestigious cars, Wi-Fi-Connection and up to 4-player, single-card play sharing, Codemasters' Race Driver: Create & Race launches exclusively for the Nintendo DS this summer.

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