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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Spark Unlimited
Release Date: Feb. 26, 2008 (US), March 14, 2008 (EU)

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'Turning Point: Fall of Liberty' (PS3/X360/PC) Gets Musical Score

by Rainier on June 26, 2007 @ 7:25 a.m. PDT

Fall of Liberty takes players to new battlegrounds in World War II, ones born from a changed moment in history that led to the Nazi invasion of 1950s America, delivering an explosive action experience in a world where famous real-world locations appear startlingly different under Nazi occupation.

Striking a unique balance between wartime authenticity while also bringing a fresh perspective to the WWII genre through an alternate timeline and advanced weaponry, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty will be a very personal battle for the player. As a civilian in these new battlegrounds, it's time to fight afresh against the world's most notorious war machine.

Giacchino's credits include the popular television series Lost, and Alias, feature films, including Mission Impossible III, The Incredibles and Ratatouille, and additionally renowned game soundtracks for the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty franchises. Giacchino last teamed with developer Spark Unlimited on the award-winning and multi-million unit selling Call Of Duty: Finest Hour game for Activision.

"I love working with Spark because they're a group that's focused on fusing innovation, quality and narrative into an intense game experience very few can create," stated Michael Giacchino. "For Turning Point: Fall of Liberty we've taken an interesting approach that will allow the score to be more unique and emotionally personal to players."

In 1931 Winston Churchill survived being struck by a taxi while crossing the street in New York. What if Churchill had died and wasn't alive to voice the battle cry that inspired the Allied troops to confront the Nazi war machine? What if England had surrendered to Hitler? What if there was no D-Day, and Pearl Harbor never happened? What if the United States never entered WWII until WWII came knocking at its front door?

In 1953, in the midst of an alternate WWII reality, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty opens as Nazi forces launch a decimating attack on the gateway of the United States eastern coast - New York. Nazi battleships quickly take the harbor, monstrous Zeppelins fill the skies while jet powered aircraft execute bombing runs, and armed paratroopers descend to the city streets and take New York block by block. With the city falling to pieces and Washington D.C. in enemy sites, it's time to fight afresh on a new battleground - home.

Working with award-winning Audio Director Jack Grillo, Tuning Point: Fall of Liberty will feature an orchestral score performed by the 76-piece Hollywood Studio Orchestra and deliver a dynamic soundtrack driven in part by the player's actions.

"I consider it an honor to be working with Michael once again," said Scott Langteau, Chief Operating Officer at Spark Unlimited. "Together with Michael, we have developed a system that will evoke mood, setting, and emotional involvement with a dynamic structure to deliver musically on Turning Point: Fall of Liberty's themes: the dissonance of an occupied state, the chaos that comes from resisting an unstoppable oppressing army, and the heroic feeling of making a difference as an individual."

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty will deliver an explosive FPS experience in a world where famous locations and landmarks appear startlingly different under Nazi occupation, and will pose a new, very personal battle for players on their home turf. As Dan Carson - a reluctant New York City construction worker turned freedom fighter - gamers must survive the initial invasion before regrouping with other U.S. resistance members to take the fight back to the Nazis. Always outmanned and outgunned, players will have to use a handful of guerilla tactics as they attempt to stop the world's now notorious war machine.

Additionally, Barry Jafrato, Senior Vice President of Brand at Codemasters commented, "We're very excited to have Michael scoring Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. Michael is not only a gifted composer, but his experience in working with video game production teams allows him to craft truly unique and innovative game soundtracks that increase emotional impact for players."

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is scheduled as a major Q4 '07 launch for Codemasters, and will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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