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Game Factory Interactive's GC 2007 Lineup

by Rainier on June 29, 2007 @ 2:15 p.m. PDT

Game Factory Interactive revealed its lineup of titles on display at this year's Games Convention in Liepzig, Germany (22nd to 26th, August), JAZZ:Hired Guns, Jagged Farm: Birth of a Hero, Warfare, and Gluk’Oza: Action!

JAZZ:Hired Guns

A turn-based tactical strategy, where the scene takes place on an unsafe African continent. You are to play a role of a commander of a hirelings detachment, whose task is to give power back to the ex-President, deposed in the result of a military coup. The money is in your pocket, captain, it’s high time to impose order!

Jagged Farm: Birth of a Hero

A standard RTS in a non-standard setting. A saturated tactical element together with a set of key features, many modern strategies can be proud of, combined with a cartoon-like graphics, colorful characters, numerous bright heroes, each of whom is a unique personality with its own character and an intuitive interface make the game involving, gripping and open to the public.


A real-time strategy with elements of global planning. The game is set on the territory of Saudi Arabia. Here four opposing forces, the Saudi Royal family, the US Army expeditionary corps, the Taliban movement supporters and Arabian rebels fight for the right to rule the country.

Gluk’Oza: Action!

An extra-dynamic 3D-action game where you are to play as a stylish and eccentric young girl, ready to annihilate thousands of malicious monsters. Among the key features are easiness, colorful game world, bright characters, a friendly interface and a tenuous plot, what helps the player to quickly and fully sink into the gameplay.

Moreover, we’re glad to submit to public approval several projects, some of which have already been released in Russia, the others are to come to market in the near future. Among them are Vendetta. Kill Boss, Vendetta. Casual weekend, Neuro, Rat Hunter, Homeplanet Gold, Alfa: Antiterror Gold, COPS 2170, StarCalibur and funny casual game Imones. Digger

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