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Test Drive Unlimited

Platform(s): PC, PSP, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Eden Games

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'Test Drive Unlimited' - v1.66 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on July 16, 2007 @ 12:00 p.m. PDT

Test Drive Unlimited is the ultimate automotive experience for car and bike enthusiasts alike. Visit the most sophisticated car and bike dealers to purchase new vehicles or simply take them for a spin. Collect and trade rare performance parts and customise each vehicle to make it one-of-a-kind. Test Drive Unlimited challenges players online to experience the most exotic and fastest vehicles on more than 1000 miles of diverse Hawaiian roads. Gamers win races, challenges, missions and tournaments to earn credits and purchase new cars, bikes, rare performance parts, clothes, apparel, homes and garages.

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  • Anti Cheat measures implemented throughout the game
  • Fully reworked save system. Profiles can not be corrupted anymore (note: players will not be able to load a corrupted savegame.)
  • Fixed crashes and improved stability everywhere in the game
  • Fixed bug when a 'New game' is created with an online profile (remanent information)
  • Improved online code (better management of lobbies, optimization of freeride sessions, “isolate” feature of the free ride improved)
  • Fixed various bugs in drive in (linked with scores and cars)
  • Fixed traffic cars flying around
  • Fixed bug on multi-threading code
  • Fixed some crackering/stuttering sound issues
  • Fixed bugs in photo mode
  • Fixed some corruption on car graphics
  • Improved volume balance and bass power

Features :

  • 1500km2 of painstakingly rendered Hawaiian island, 1600km of diverse open roads, Test Drive Unlimited for PS2 delivers a fully streaming racing experience with no loading times;
  • A wealth of licensed cars from 30+ exclusive manufacturers including Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Saleen, Shelby, and Jaguar;
  • Amazing render quality and unrivalled interior details;
  • Upgrade each car with options from the actual manufacturers’ catalogue. Players buy new homes and garages, and tune and upgrade cars with aftermarket parts;
  • Create challenges or races from more than 30 game rules and settings. Upload your created challenges online to become part of the player community;
  • ‘Quick Race’ instant-play mode allowing busy players to generate a limitless number of challenges (exclusive to PSP and PS2 versions)
  • Earn points for racing, driving, air time, drifting, or winning races, then use the points to unlock new races and progress through the game.
  • Connecting gamers across the globe via the internet: online infrastructure gives players the opportunity to race against any of thousands of other players from around the world
  • Players can take part in events and challenges, visit car dealers and car parts stores, then meet and race with other players online.

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