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'Build-A-Bear Workshop' (NDS) - 8 New Screens

by Rainier on July 16, 2007 @ 1:41 p.m. PDT

The Game Factory signed of a worldwide publishing agreement with Build-A-Bear Workshop, a make-your-own stuffed animal retailer, to market their first Nintendo DS title that will virtually recreate the Build-A-Bear Workshop experience.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop game will give young gamers the chance to virtually personalize a furry friend of their liking, name, brush and care for it and buy virtual clothes and accessories to unlock mini-games. Building off of the success of 300+ Build-A-Bear Workshop stores worldwide, The Game Factory will give gamers a chance to fully interact with their furry friend just like a guest in the real-world store.

Set in a Build-A-Bear Workshop store, players will choose, stuff, stitch, dress, name and play with their 3D teddy bear. Twenty different themed mini-games can be unlocked as players win virtual money to buy additional accessories and clothes along the way. Developed by game developer Neko Entertainment the characters and levels in the Build-A-Bear Workshop Game will be rendered in 3D and a player's choice of stuffed animal, outfits and accessories will trigger a variety of animations and behaviors. Neko will also incorporate full interaction between the player and his/her furry friend to unlock mini-games that will take full advantage of the 3D, touch screen and microphone capabilities of the Nintendo DS system. The game will also feature a Wi-fi multiplayer game mode.

This DS simulation title recreates the Build-A-Bear in-store experience. The gameplay offers a unique immersive experience which replicates the process of shopping and creating a Bear when entering a Build-A-Bear Workshop store. The game allows consumers to approach the Build-A-Bear Workshop concept with the same hands-on and do it yourself formula found in the retail outlets. This level of interactivity is achieved through the use of the Nintendo DS touch screen and wireless technology, enhanced graphics as well as an innovative control mechanism.

Choose, create and customize your own personal virtual Bear. Explore your new furry friend condo and participate in various activities. Learn how to perform moves with the new DS Build-A-Bear trick control, earn honey nuggets by completing challenges and buy up to 150 different clothing accessories. Spend some time in the photo studio and share your photo album and clothes collection wirelessly with your friends.

Features :
  • Make your own furry friend using the stylus and microphone in all of the Build-A-Bear Workshop stations including Choose Me, Stuff Me, Fluff Me and Name Me
  • Choose from 8 different characters : Dimple Teddy, Sassy Kitty, Mocha Bunny, Marvelous Monkey, Velvet Teddy, Friendly Frog, Playful Puppy, Pink Poodle
  • Care for and play with your new furry friend using the touch screen and microphone :
    • Cook a series of meal and feed your Bear using a fully equipped kitchen and dining-room
    • Tidy-up your character’s bed room and get ready for clean-up time organizing and placing toys and items back on the shelves and in the chest
    • Enjoy an afternoon in the backyard playground using the swing and various ball games
  • Play with your furry friend in Four immersive wireless multi-player minigames :
    • Test your skills in the dancing game by drawing the right shapes at the right time with your stylus on cue in order to hold the rhythm of the music
    • Play dress-up and mix and match up to 150 fashion accessories
    • Control two bears at a time with your stylus and collect honey while dodging bees
    • Make sure you don’t pick the last seat paying “musical chair”
  • Visit your Bear’s condo and help him with daily activities :
    • Become a professional fashion photographer and set-up photo shoots in the Build-A-Bear photo studio. Change your Bear outfits, select the zoom and camera angle, modify the backdrop and direct your character’s poses
    • While spending time in the bathroom, help your bear clean his teeth
  • Interact wirelessly with your friends to trade items or challenge each other in the mini games

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