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'Lost Planet' (X360/PC) Patch And Free Maps Coming Friday

by Rainier on July 16, 2007 @ 4:40 p.m. PDT

On July 20, Capcom will release a patch for the PC edition of Lost Planet, adding features such as new playable characters, view modes (over the shoulder/wide view), updated multiplayer, and the ability to watch all cut scenes. The 4 maps in the DLC #1/2 on the Xbox 360 are also coming to the PC (400mb) and become free on Xbox Live Marketplace. An X360 patch is expected later this month.

A host of new features for Lost Planet PC will be released as an automatic downloadable patch on July 20th. The new features include new playable characters; Frank West of Dead Rising fame, Joe, a character from the Lost Planet storyline and one of Capcom's most beloved characters, Mega Man. The download will also feature several new view modes including a ?Resident Evil 4? style view and a new "Wide" view option. Multiplayer mode has been updated and now includes a list of connected players for easy reference. A movie mode has also been added to the game which enables players to watch all the in-game story line cut scenes back to back.

In addition, PC Map Pack #1 will be available for free download on the same day and includes the following maps:

  • Radar Field, a close quarters facility which is under construction and has a giant radar that provides a peak vantage point;
  • Island 902, a sprawling Pacific-themed battlefield with several islands connected by bridges as well as vast underwater areas;
  • Hive Complex, an abandoned mine with twisting tunnels and bridges set on a war-blasted mountain side; and
  • Trial Point, a modern day office complex featuring a photorealistic backdrop of a busy city center.

The total file size for PC map pack 1 will be 400 Mb.

The four maps in PC Map Pack #1 are currently available as Map Pack #1 and #2 in the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet. In conjunction with the PC update on July 20th, all these maps will also be made available for free download on Xbox Live Marketplace. In addition, Xbox 360 players can expect a new patch addressing connectivity which will be available around the end of this month.

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