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'Ageod's American Civil War' - v1.06 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 18, 2007 @ 10:55 a.m. PDT

AGEOD's American Civil War enjoys a very intuitive interface and is easy to learn. Compared to its predecessor, Birth of America, it features many additions such as new economic and political features, player control of troop recruitment, full chain of command from armies to brigades and much much more!

Get the Ageod's American Civil War v1.06 Patch off WP (13mb)

AGEod's American Civil War v1.06

comprehensive patch, compatible with previous saves


+++: has a major impact on AI
++: has a significant impact on AI
+: has a minor impact on AI

AI is more aware of immediate threats. ++
AI will gather more intelligently units to center of operations ++
Leader are dispatched better and farther (trans theaters relocations are common now) +++
AI will build more rail and river points if possible +
AI will build less militias units ++
AI will use more conservatively monetary assets ++
Army HQ will keep a reserve of units for corps ++
AI Divisions will be bigger and tougher +++
AI can chase several minor enemy stacks while evaluating the major threat at the same time (hunter-seeker algorithm improved ) ++
Blockade will be much better handled +++
Resupply of ships will be better handled ++
Cavalry raid toned down and less suicidal ++
AI will be more cautious with bad weather and can understand when winter is coming ++
Garrisons will be agregated in more efficient stacks, if possible +
AI will now defend better the capital (not finished) +

Modding support

10 new variables, see the file Command&Leaders in the settings directory

ldrCommandMaximaRank1 = 4 // Nb of CP provided by a rank 1 leader
ldrCommandMaximaRank2 = 8 // Nb of CP provided by a rank 2 leader
ldrCommandMaximaRank3 = 12 // Nb of CP provided by a rank 3 leader
ldrCommandCap = 16 // base CP cap to a stack
ldrGHQCommandModifier = -2 // The Army stack commander provides his strat rating + this value as a bonus (or malus) to subordinate corps
ldrCommandGHQBonusCoSLvl= 4 // What is the strat rating needed by the chief of staff to gives a bonus
ldrCommandGHQBonusCoSVa = 1 // what is the value of such bonus
ldrCommandCostCombiUnit = 4 // What is the CP cost of a combined unit
ldrMaxStackCmdPenalty = 35 // max command penalty for stacks (means a 100-x efficiency)
ldrOutOfChainCmdCoeff = 50 // coefficient to CP accrued if not in the chain of command, in %

A little note though: whose who have played intensively with the game in version 1.05c or latter will feel an improvement in the AI, but less than expected perhaps, because some of the new or tweaked algorithms were already running in these versions. Still you can expect some significant changes with the latest additions.

AGEod's American Civil War v1.05

This patch change a rule on how Divisions are formed.

The patch is not completely compatible with previous games. You can still continue important games, by adding this entry in the ACWSettingsgeneral.opt file
RemoveDivHQ = 0
Meaning that both systems will coexists during this game. Once it is finished, delete the key and forget about divisional HQs!

AGEOD’s American Civil War: Divisions without Headquarters. (see the PDF for an easier format)

Starting with version 1.05, Divisions HQ won’t be needed anymore to form up divisions. Instead, it will be mandatory to use a leader (any rank) for that, and a cost will be paid.

How to

To form a division, you need an activated general. First, you select the desired general, and click on the 'Enable Divisional Command' button (second panel of the Special Orders panels), showing a tent and a general before it. If the button is disabled, pass the mouse over; you will get explanations on the cause.

Restriction can happen because of:

a) The general is not active or is fixed.
b) You don’t have enough assets (10 Money, 5 War Supply, one conscript company)
c) The General is already in command of an army, a corps, a division.
d) The general is already integrated into a brigade or any other unit (you don’t need to create a division for that)

You have also a restriction on the number of divisions you can have on the field at the same time. The max number is 48 for USA and 24 for CSA, except in April 61 where you don't have your full potential (but it will rises as months pass). You can know how many divisions are on the field and how you are allowed by passing the mouse over the 'Enable Divisional Command' button (of a general capable of receiving the order).

When you click on this button, the General get a silver stripe. It means he is now able to form a division. This privilege has an administrative cost of 10 money, 5 war supplies and one conscript company (lack of assets can then prevent you from giving this order). Also, the turn the general gets this order, he is suffering from a -2/-2-1 penalty to all his ratings, so beware!

When you have your general ready, gather the units as usual with the (+) button, the same rules as before still apply (i.e. you can have up to 18 elements, and such).

Some precisions:

a) The turn after the general gets his order, the penalties are removed, unless you failed to pay the cost (in which case the division is still there, but the penalties too and you will have to pay the cost anyway the following turn).

b) If the general remains alone, without units under his direct command, he will revert automatically to a general without the privilege of forming up the division. This is intended and normal, as an anti-exploit rule.

c) You will pay the cost only if your general has received and still is under the order during hosting, meaning you can change your mind at will during a turn. You can even revoke the order (from a general having the privilege since some turns) and then restore the leader to his former privilege without any problem or cost: it is entirely reversible for you.

d) The administrative cost is never paid back. This is intended.

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