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First 'The Kill Point' Gameisode Launched - Screens

by Rainier on July 23, 2007 @ 6:10 a.m. PDT

Beginning Sunday, July 22 with the premiere of the series, Kuma will release action-packed gameisodes that allow television viewers to jump into "The Kill Point's" bank robbery gone wrong plotline - playing as a police officer or bank robber in a high intensity hostage crisis.

"'The Kill Point' is a perfect property to extend from the linear channel to the PC screen," said Vin Farrell, director of production Spike TV Digital Media. "We have created original webisodes on and now with the launch of the new online game, we're giving our viewers an all-encompassing entertainment experience. 'The Kill Point' game is great for fans of the show as well as gamers who want a great PC action game to play.""

"With our partners, we create interactive events that let viewers watch a television show, then immediately jump into the action," said Keith Halper, CEO of Kuma Games. "We think the gameisodes will enhance the viewers' overall entertainment experience and at the same time expose the property to some potentially new and untapped audiences."

"The Kill Point" is Spike TV's gripping new original scripted eight-hour action-drama series created and written by James DeMonaco ("The Negotiator", "Assault on Precinct 13") and starring Emmy-Award® winning actor John Leguizamo, alongside Donnie Wahlberg (HBO's "Band of Brothers"). "The Kill Point" follows a team of American Iraqi-War veterans, led by Leguizamo, who find themselves in the middle of hostage negotiations after their attempt at a midtown bank robbery goes terribly wrong. The series debuted on Sunday, July 22 at 9pm ET/PT on Spike TV.

As in all of Kuma's high-quality episodic games, Spike TV's "The Kill Point" is being developed using the HalfLife 2 game engine. The multiplayer game allows up to 16 cops and robbers to play simultaneously.

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