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'Record of Lunia War' Goes Open Beta

by Rainier on July 26, 2007 @ 2:41 a.m. PDT

Lunia is MMORPG where you can grow your own characters, featuring a cartoon rendering technique that creates harmony between hand-drawn rich 2D background and dynamic 3D characters. In Lunia users can manipulate an infinite set of airborne attacks and a series of magic strikes using variously different key combinations.

After having completed the closed beta test for its action role playing game "Record of Lunia War" on May 30th, EnportSoft has relaunched the official website, and launched the open beta.

In this redesigned website for Open Beta, many guides have been updated to support the users for better play. Guides for account registration, game start, tutorial, stages, PvP mode and many others are available within the website.

Record of Lunia War has also been selected as an official competitive game at Game&Game World Championship 2007.

Gamers from United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea will compete for the champion title of Lunia through PvP (Player Versus Player) mode. Preliminary tournaments will be held online and the Regional finals will be held offline in each region. Selected players from the 5 regions stated above will advance to Grand Final Tournament in Seoul, Korea.

The U.S regional finals will be held during October in Los Angeles. Details will be announced through the official website.

Right now Record of Lunia War staff spends hours for preparing the Open Beta Service. Since the North America server is established for US players, they will be able to play Record of Lunia War in a more stable and improved condition than previous iterations of beta.

Anticipation is high as players who have been waiting for the Open Beta will now be able to play the variety of content that allm Corp has provided.

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