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'Showdown: Scorpion' - 6 New Screens

by Rainier on July 26, 2007 @ 5:00 a.m. PDT

Set in the near future, terrorists and gangs control most of the cities inhabited with innocent and defenseless citizens. What makes it even worse is a nano-virus acquired by criminals and questioning survival of mankind. You are Scorpion, an operative tasked to exterminate a dangerous virus and save people.

In 2068 Eastern Europe was broken into several industrial regions exploited by American and Asian corporations. Once prosperous cities became sites of harmful plants ruled by criminal syndicates. Drug industry, illegal cloning and experiments on human beings have reached an industrial scale under the patronage of multiple terrorist organizations. When one of this organizations gains a super dangerous nano-virus, a threat to the whole mankind emerges. The best warrior of Russian Special Forces receives an objective to get into the laboratory and to exterminate the virus…

Game Features:

  • Futuristic environment: in the city of future you’ll have to make your way through hi-tech laboratories, luxurious housing estates, godforsaken slums and industrial areas
  • Variety of enemies: underground mutants, armed terrorists, mechanics: track-type robots, minicopters, stationary machine-gun installations
  • Game engine supporting all modern graphic technologies - glow, bloom, depth of field, blur, morph animation, rigid body and ragdoll. Physics powered by Novodex Engine by AGEIA
  • Flex system of characteristic modifiers for player character - increase of speed, temporary rise of health, etc
  • Mysterious assistant Anna communicates with Scorpion by radio system and leads him in this dreadful mission
  • Broad assortment of combat equipment - from shocker gun to a flame thrower, several types of hand grenades, integrated grenade launcher

Scheduled release : Q4 2007

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