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The Continuum

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Seven Lights

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'The Continuum' Making Playable Debut at GenCon 2007

by Rainier on Aug. 14, 2007 @ 9:06 a.m. PDT

The Continuum combines classic turn-based wargaming, collectibilty and RPG character development into one multi-player adventure that will change the way you game. Characters, abilities and equipment combine with in-game artifacts, epic battlefields, and changing scenarios to provide an experience that is at once familiar and all-new.

Beyond getting playtime with The Continuum, Gen Con attendees can get an exclusive Gen Con code, good for a special Continuum benefit once the public beta of the game begins. Show goers will also be the first to receive the third edition in The Continuum comic book series, which corresponds and expands The Continuum universe. In the comic books series, players will learn more about the game’s characters, universe and gameplay elements-- and may ultimately discover secrets in the comic books that will affect the game. The digital version of the comic book will be available at after Gen Con.

Seven Lights is also offering Gen Con attendees the opportunity to fill out a coupon (located in the coupon book that comes with Gen Con registration) and submit it at Seven Lights’ booth (#229) for the chance to win a Platinum Subscription to The Continuum game. The year-long Platinum Subscription includes printed versions of the comics, characters awarded to the player’s account monthly, periodic bundles of in-game currency to spend, and much more. Seven Lights will be having a daily drawing for the prize at their booth (entrants must be present to win).

The game will launch a closed beta version in the upcoming weeks, with a gradual rollout to all players that have pre-registered. When the open beta launches in Fall 2007, players will receive a starter set of characters and be able to test out the game for free. In the following months, the game will be officially released and new character sets will be available for purchase.

In The Continuum’s constantly-changing land, players develop armies through battles, equipment discovery, and upgrades. The gameplay is built around The Continuum’s ever-expanding universe of dynamic digital characters from distinct game realities that do battle with each other in head-to-head online match-ups.

The characters of The Continuum each have their own unique attributes and abilities, and range in rarity from common to rare to legendary to one-of-a-kind. All customized in-game characters, not just the heroes, are constantly developing through The Continuum’s RPG game elements, as the game allows players to use experience points for alterations, such as increasing and adding new characteristics and abilities. Player’s characters and abilities are built through victory, trade, and purchase. Unlike other RPGs, players’ developed characters retain their built-up RPG statistics from game to game and version to version.

Gen Con is being held on August 16-19, 2007, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The game will launch in mid-2007.

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