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Wideload Games Launches Shorts Division

by Rainier on Aug. 14, 2007 @ 9:09 a.m. PDT

Wideload Games announced its new Shorts division, which is focused on developing smaller, entertaining, game experiences for multiple platforms. Like its retail console games, Wideload’s Shorts Division will always create original games featuring Wideload’s unique sensibility.

Wideload is applying its trademark humor and core development team model, which proved successful with Stubbs the Zombie, to a new line of innovative games that will appeal to players who desire easy-to-play games that can be played on the go or in smaller time increments.

Video game industry veteran Scott Corley was recruited to lead the Wideload Shorts division. Corley was formerly the president of Red Mercury, a successful game developer for handheld platforms and PCs. “Wideload’s unique, independent, creatively focused culture continues to spawn a slew of great game ideas, some of which are ideal for a smaller entertainment experience,” says Corley. “Wideload Shorts is here to make games for everyone out there who used to play games, who still want to play games, but can no longer invest forty hours a week playing games. We’re making little packets of densely-packed fun for you to enjoy. And we’re having a blast doing it.”

Tom Kang, President of Wideload, explains the broader strategy. “Wideload Shorts employs the same philosophy and business model we pioneered for large retail console releases and there are significant synergies that arise from developing for both markets,” says Kang. “Shorts’ games are created by a small core team, but will have creative and technical input from all areas of Wideload. Further, Wideload Shorts’ and Wideload’s larger development teams will work together to leverage their creative assets. For example, a Wideload retail game may include an asset that would be great to spin off into a Shorts game, and vice versa, a Wideload Shorts game could inspire a Wideload Games retail product.”

Wideload Shorts games will target handheld, console and PC platforms, and will be distributed via established and emerging download channels. Wideload Shorts will release its first game in late 2007, with additional games scheduled for release in 2008. Xbox 360 and PS3 users should also keep a look out for Wideload’s other 2008 game, Hail to the Chimp, which is being published by GameCock.

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