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Paradox's Games Convention 2007 Lineup

by Judy on Aug. 14, 2007 @ 3:48 p.m. PDT

Paradox Interactive will attend the Games Convention in Leipzig August 22-24. While they have a large autumn lineup, recently increased through a newly signed distribution contract with publisher Nobilis Group France, they'll mainly focus on their two September releases at Leipzig: Tarr Chronicles and Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power.

"We are really proud of our company's performance and the Games Convention comes at the right time for us to expose a growing portfolio aimed to reach a broader audience than ever," said Fredrik Wester, Executive Vice President at Paradox Interactive.

Publishing, Autumn 2007

Crusader Kings: Deus Vult (GamersGate only)
Europa Universalis III: Napoleon's Ambition (GamersGate only)
Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power
Hearts of Iron Anthology
Tarr Chronicles

Scandinavian Distribution, Autumn 2007

Building World
Death to Spies
Destination Treasure Island
Eva Cash
Fantasy Wars
Hard to be a God
Paradise City
Secrets of Atlantis
TV Giant
Two Worlds Xbox 360

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