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'Space Giraffe' and 'Street Trace: NYC' This Week's XBLA Titles - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 20, 2007 @ 9:38 a.m. PDT

Space Giraffe is a psychedelic shooter featuring mesmerizing graphics and 100 levels of out-of-this-world gameplay. Street Trace: NYC is an all-in-one hoverboard racing and arena battle game featuring multiplayer over Xbox LIVE with up to eight players and an up to a four-way split-screen.

Space Giraffe

Space Giraffe features uniquely beautiful graphics and 100 levels of lovingly hand-crafted shoot-em-up action gameplay from the makers of Llamatron and Tempest 2000. Collect power-ups to activate Bonus Rounds and master the strategies necessary to maximize your score on every level!

Features :

  • Extensive gameplay: Play through 100 levels of shooting and strategy.
  • Level design: Enjoy the unique graphical appearance of each level due to the use of the Neon engine.
  • Special features: Learn special moves to increase the Bonus Multiplier, and collect power-ups to gain access to the Bonus Round.
  • Bonus challenges: Finish all 100 levels to unlock a hidden gameplay mode.

Street Trace:NYC

Street Trace:NYC is fast-paced street racing and arena combat set against a grim futuristic corporate-controlled environment. Choose one of nine hoverboard-riding street soldiers to carve a plasma trail as you battle and grind through six areas, including abandoned highways and war-torn arenas. Play all of the seven different games in tournaments or exhibition matches, and upgrade your hoverboard and weapons as you play. Master the trials of the Single Player Campaign or compete with up to four players split-screen or up to eight online via Xbox LIVEĀ®.

Features :

  • A different kind of racing: Race and battle your opponents on decked-out hoverboards in three different arenas and three different street circuits. Grind your hoverboard along metal rails to gain an advantage. Your board's emissions give passing players a strategic speed boost, allowing those falling behind to rubber-band off the race leaders.
  • Numerous game modes: Take on the single player campaign with 18 time trials and five champion tournaments, or go multiplayer with four-player split-screen or up to eight players on Xbox LIVE.
  • Choose from four different arena game types, Flag, Hunter, Chaos, and Takedown, and from three different street game types, Screamer, Chaos, and Street Trace.
  • Multiplayer join-in-progress: The Street Trace:NYC lobby shows how many people are playing online, allows players to join tournaments in progress, and to follow games as they progress.
  • Decked-out hoverboards: Upgrade your board's engine, boost, shields and jump capabilities, and use weapons such as lasers, mines, stampede, and rockets. Gotta love rockets.
  • Game goals: Earn your spot on the Leaderboards, and gain twelve new Achievements to increase your Gamerscore.

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