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Two Worlds

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: ZuxxeZ / Topware (EU), SouthPeak Interactive (US)
Developer: Reality Pump
Release Date: Aug. 23, 2007 (US), Sept. 7, 2007 (EU)

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'Two Worlds' (X360/PC) - Demo & v1.5 Update Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 21, 2007 @ 4:25 a.m. PDT

Two Worlds is an RPG featuring thrilling fight choreographies, gripping characters and realistic worlds, creating new dimensions in the genre. The title also introduces new benchmarks in content with experienced script editors linking the cinematic story with maximum gaming freedom in a medieval fantasy world.

Get the Two Worlds Demo & v1.5 Service Update off WP (860mb/1Gb)

Change log 1.5.

  • unique names for all weapons and equipment parts
  • new graphics for all faces
  • fast looting of animals
  • magic manual aiming option added.
  • summoned creatures follows hero
  • summoned creatures can't be looted
  • neutral animals do not respawn
  • quality of objects inside chest depends of lock level.
  • magical weapons and armours added to Congregation shops.
  • weapon enchanters added to Congregation shops.
  • fixed bug with equipment objects - the same looking object with different values.
  • When finishing final quest for one guild/Party reputation for opposing party goes to 0. Skelden/Karga Clan Giriza/Association
  • Fixed bug in last Association quest and last Giriza quest. Now those quests can be finished.

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