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'StarCraft' & 'Brood War' - v1.15.1 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 21, 2007 @ 5:49 a.m. PDT

Blizzard has yet again released a minor updated patch for good old Starcraft and its expansion pack, Brood War. The v1.15.1 patch fixes several bugs, exploits, and improves stability ...

Get the Starcraft/Broodwar v1.15.1 patch off WP (10/24mb)

What's fixed in Patch 1.15.1

  • Made stability improvements to replay saving code.
  • Fixed a bug where the map download progress was not shown.
  • Pressing alt-f4 while in Starcraft and logged into a league now logs you out of the league.
  • Updated some of the localization for the league page.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed nukes to fall anywhere on the map.

What's fixed in Patch 1.15

Feature Changes

  • Approved organizations can now operate StarCraft leagues.
  • Replays are automatically saved as LastReplay.rep.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed burrowed units to be stacked.


  • Fixed a vulture exploit that crashed games.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the rally points of others to be set.
  • Fixed a multicommand hack that crashed Macintosh players.

What's fixed in Patch 1.14

Feature Changes

* European ladder now affiliated with WGTour ( See ( for additional information about the new European ladder.
* Ladder games disabled for all other regions.
* For Top vs. Bottom games, the default chat filter is now 'Chat To Allies'.
* In-game chat messages now show the speaker's name in his/her team color.
* Users can now use the mouse wheel to scroll chat and selection boxes in Windows 98 (or later) and Macintosh OS X.
* Screen shots now use a time/date stamp; they are no longer limited to 100.
* Improved version numbering system.
* The high-color application icon from the Macintosh version is now used on PC.
* Small corrections to the Lost Temple and Dire Straits maps.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed Hatchery cancellation crash bug.
* Fixed crash that can occur when SCVs are repairing a unit boarding a Dropship.
* Fixed crash when Mac users very quickly cancel connection to
* Fixed a scoring bug that gave Zerg unit points for building cancellation.
* Users can now take screen shots on Macintosh OS X.
* Updated account creation information text.
* Logging onto an account closed for a Terms of Service violation will now say the account is closed, rather than 'invalid password'.
* Fixed bug preventing Portuguese StarCraft clients from receiving patches from Portuguese users must still patch to this level manually, but subsequent patches can be obtained automatically from
* No longer displays control characters in's map description pane.
* Color codes and control codes are no longer allowed in chat messages.
* Fixed a crash in StarEdit when attempting to save modified Blizzard maps.
* Fixed undesired text wrapping in Spanish and Portuguese screens.
* Fixed a rare crash in multiplayer games.


* Fixed the Nydus Canal cancellation bug that allowed creating a mobile exit.
* Fixed two exploits that allowed players to gain minerals very quickly.
* Fixed exploit with Arbiter that allowed Zerg buildings to become cloaked.
* Fixed exploit that allowed units to kill themselves instantly.
* Fixed exploit that allowed Command Center infestation without a Queen.
* Fixed exploit that allowed Command Center infestation from a distance.
* Fixed exploit that allowed players to float Zerg Drones over obstacles.
* Fixed exploit that allowed worker units to mine at a distance.
* Fixed exploit that allowed Terran buildings to lift off while training units.
* Fixed exploit that allowed SCVs to repair Protoss buildings.
* Fixed exploit that allowed SCVs to detach Larvae from Hatcheries.
* Fixed exploit that allowed morphing Terran and Protoss buildings.
* Fixed exploit that allowed buildings to be stacked on top of each other.
* Playing against illegally named players on no longer results in a disconnect game result.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13f

  • Fixed several bugs that contributed to game exploits.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13e

  • Fixed several bugs that contributed to game exploits.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13d

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the training of infested terrans.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13c

  • Fixed a bug involving zerg buildings.
  • Fixed a bug related to minimap unit ordering during replays.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13b

  • Fixed a Bug that caused certain maps to crash.

What's fixed in Patch 1.13

  • This revision addresses a few well-known bugs that were used to perform in-game exploits, corrects display issues with the Korean Font and makes adjustments to the Player's in-game minimap.

What's fixed in Patch 1.12b

  • Fixed bugs related to Korean chat on Windows 95/98/Me.

New Features in 1.12

  • Changed Speed from "Fast" to Fastest" for Ladder Games.
  • You now can preview your map in the Multiplayer chat screen.
  • Added feature that allows the creator of a private game to make the game public under the creator's name in Multiplayer Chat screen.
  • Added full Korean language support for and in-game.
  • Added a Friends List Feature and button that allows you to keep track of your friends on
  • Added Friend mail feature that allows you to email members of your Friends List.
  • Added Password Recovery and email registration features (like Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2) so you can recover your password via email.
  • Changed the default race type in single custom games to Random.
  • It now remembers your last map and folder setting when you create single or multi player games.
  • Brood War will now show 'mapsBroodWar' folder as your default map folder.
  • When a building is selected and if a ground rally point is set the rally point will briefly animate.
  • Added minimap ping (Alt-left-click on minimap to show graphic location.)
  • Added alliance colors on units - Shift-Tab changes your color to green, your allies to yellow and your enemies to red.
  • Added right-click feature that will set your building rally point.
  • Added shift-# to add a unit to a control group.
  • The mouse cursor stays on the game's monitor in multi-monitor environments.

Updated Maps

  • Lost Temple has been updated, while Dire Straits and Rivarly have been slightly
  • tweaked to balance resources and space for building.
  • All maps have been resigned. If you have moved standard maps to different
  • folders you must do so again. If you have maps downloaded from our FTP site you must do so again.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug related to seeing Question marks instead of Korean characters when using /where command in
  • Fixed a bug that hindered Korean text in chatrooms and game advertisements.

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