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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Acclaim

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Acclaim Opens '2Moons' Virtual Item Shop

by Rainier on Aug. 27, 2007 @ 4:07 p.m. PDT

2Moons is a free, totally brutal MMORPG designed specifically for adult gamers. No mercy for the weak, no pity for the dying, no tears for the slain, 2Moons was created to be an easy-to-get-into title set in an aggressive, dangerous and visually stunning world.

2Moons' virtual items become available for the first time to enthusiastic players who want to enhance their gaming experience. Players will also be able to enjoy the new “2Moons Killer Events” which begin when the shop officially opens.

Hundreds of thousands of avid players are thrilled with the hardcore game and eagerly awaiting the new items available at the shop’s launch. With the opening of the in-game 2Moons Shop, players will be able to use Acclaim Coins to purchase all-new optional game items designed to enhance gameplay. The shop’s new virtual items will provide players with unique game features and optional upgrades for the first time ever.

“2Moons has been a fantastic project that’s already proved Acclaim’s free-to-play model is what gamers all around the world have been waiting for. The number one request we got from the gamers who have been testing the game was to offer them more customization, so the item store will immediately help there,” said David Perry, director of the game.

A special new item called the Traveler’s Backpack will allow players to increase their inventory space by another 50 cells. Players will also be able to purchase items such as special potions and boosters, customized clothing for each character type, and other optional game enhancements.

There will also be several future updates to the shop making all new items available to players. New items will include rideable mounts that increase a player’s speed, guild mark special effects for all members of a guild, and more special costume updates including hats and outfits. More items will be continue to be created and added to the shop to add all new content to the exciting multiplayer game sensation.

To kick off the launch of the 2Moons Shop, Acclaim also launches the “2Moons Killer Events” to give players a chance to earn double experience points to quickly level up and enter random drawings to win special prizes such as gaming hardware, enhanced weapons, and Acclaim Coins packages that can be used in any Acclaim game.

2Moons is currently in Open Beta, and any player can sign up for free to play online with thousands of others in massive bloody battles. Based on a hugely successful game called Dekaron in Korea, 2Moons continues its astonishing rise and is already one of the most exciting online games to be released this year, quickly on its way to becoming a huge blockbuster hit MMO title for Acclaim.

2Moons is targeted to hardcore gamers who want to experience an epic adult story, intense fighting action, and extreme violence. The game’s tagline, “No mercy for the weak, no pity for the dying, no tears for the slain,” lets players know that this is truly a game for hardcore players! The game is intended for audiences age 17 and older due to mature content including extreme violence and strong language.

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