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The Golden Horde

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: 1C Company
Developer: World Forge

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'The Golden Horde' - 16 New Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 31, 2007 @ 5:44 p.m. PDT

The Golden Horde, using Ancient Wars: Sparta's AWE engine, is a historical RTS based on real events that took place at the beginning of XII century. Those were the times of mighty warriors and military leaders whose power and daring instilled courage in common soldiers.

The title will include 3 full-fledged campaigns, as well as a number of scenarios portraying historical battles. Those can be played by LAN or Internet, adding a new dimension to multiplayer games. Utilizing the power of AWE engine, the project will surely appeal to the fans of good RTS games, both those who liked "Sparta", and those willing to explore the roots of modern Europe during the turbulent times of Middle Ages.

The gameplay is based on the use of heroes. They significantly strengthen the troops, have special skills, can progress through the course of the game in many directions, and can be armed with different weapons. The heroes have real historical prototypes, like Hermann von Salza (Grandmaster of Teutonic order), Batu Khan (grandson of Genghis Khan), Alexander Nevsky (ruler of Great Novgorod) and many others. The setting of the game is truly original, based on the events which happened in eastern and central Europe during the Mongol invasion.

The combat system of the game will be very special, allowing the use of the captured weapons, war animals and engines, as well as equipment. Thus it will be possible to build horse archers for Crusaders, and to give gunpowder to Russian infantry.

Storyline will be non-linear, allowing the completion of the game in several different ways. Those will include the conversion of the Mongol hordes to Christianity, bringing the steppe warriors to the shores of Adriatic sea and forging of the united Russian empire some 300 years ago before it happened historically.

“Golden Horde” is a project that will capitalize on the most appealing parts of “Ancient Wars: Sparta” and bring innovate new elements to the RTS genre. Besides the well-known features, such as design of units by players, capture of enemy equipment and true to life physics, the project will include such marvelous things as use of ice in battles on rivers and lakes, and use of explosives during sieges. There will be three playable sides in the game - Crusaders, Russians and Mongols. Each of them will have a set of special bonuses.

Game Features

  • Three totally different races. The Crusaders, the Mongols and the Russians.
    • Crusaders are to include German and Scandinavian chivalry, joined together to stop the Mongol invasion. Their specialty will be the use of faith to convert the pagans to their cause and to aid the warriors in battle.
    • Mongols are the hordes of the eastern steppes, who have risen to put Europe to fire and sword. Their main strength lies in their mobile bases, which could be quickly moved from place to place, rendering enemy's assaults useless.
    • Russians are a grouping of East European nations, loosely formed within the modern Russia and Ukraine. They're accustomed to fight during winter, use weather to their advantage, and forests are their natural habitat.
  • Each race has a large number of heroes with unique appearance and abilities.
  • Enemy weapons can be collected after battle and used to equip your own warriors. The same can be done with horses, siege engines and so on.
  • Maps are quite big and filled with neutral settlements, which allows wide possibilities for diplomacy, proselytism and even slave trade.
  • Enemy units can be persuaded to switch their side, either by the use of gold or faith.
  • Season, weather conditions and landscape will play a big role in the game, which could help a weaker side to defeat a much stronger enemy.
  • Besides traditional seas and lakes, there will be rivers and swamps, adding a new dimension to the battlefield tactics.
  • Large number of traps will be available, as well as multiple ways to use them. Those will include the use of explosives and fire against enemy fortifications.
  • The game supports powerful modern technologies (Chrome, Bump mappings, Specular, Shadow map). A physical model is a distinctive element of the gameplay – buildings, walls, trees etc. are governed by true-to-life physics. So a forest fire can destroy a big troop, and falling walls crush and bury siege towers.

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