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Nintendo Releases v3.0 Wii Firmware Update

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2007 @ 1:56 a.m. PDT

Nintendo has released the new v3.0 system software update for the Wii, giving the Wii Shop Channel a major overhaul, as well as adding new features to the Channel View.

Channel View:

  • Digital Clock added to the Wii Menu
  • Forecast Channel now displays the current condition
  • News Channel can now show 2 scrolling headlines at a time in the Wii Menu, 3 when you click on the button
  • Message Board now has the "Today's Accomplishments" message as white
  • Address Book entries can now be shifted around using A+B
  • Calendar in Message Board no longer shows "Today's Accomplishment"

Wii Shop Channel Overhauled

  • New Welcome screen detailing 4 Recommended Titles and the points they cost
  • Titles You've Downloaded was moved to the main shop menu
  • New ways to browse
  • Popular Titles
  • Newest Additions remains the same
  • Search for a title which can use partial names
  • Search by Category
  • System shows the different systems and how many titles have been released under each
  • Publisher showing different publishers and amount of titles released
  • Genre

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