SEGA Rally: Revo

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Racing
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: SEGA

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'SEGA Rally Revo' (ALL) - Demo & v4.060 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Sept. 28, 2007 @ 10:47 a.m. PDT

SEGA Rally: Revo will set a new benchmark in its genre with a high-tempo driving experience that will challenge the racing skills both on and off-road, with revolutionary dynamically deformable terrain, proprietary next-generation graphics, bone-jarringly realistic physics, and competitive bumper-to-bumper racing.

Get the SEGA Rally Revo Demo & v4.060 Patch off WP (560/44mb)

SEGA Rally Revo v4.060 Patch

  • Shader 2.0 shadow fix
  • Player change button disabled when rewinding Time Attack Replay
  • Thread-safe network statistics
  • Timeout for network start-up
  • Improved Ghost Upload
  • Graphical Shadow improvement
  • Improved Ghost car behaviour when online
  • Loading screen correction after failed ghost upload
  • Ghost file handling improvement
  • Ghost upload no longer takes place when rank is below 100
  • Cursor fix on On-Screen Keyboard used for chat
  • Leaderboard fixes to place '?' until leaderboard update takes place
  • Fix to allow online ghosts to be accessible
  • Head to Head user interface fix for overlapping icon
  • User Interface flow issue fixed
  • Shadows and Motion blur removed from Front End
  • Fix for lock buffer exception crash
  • Improvements to the Chat system
  • Online Session update fix
  • Improved game compatibility
  • Online fix for connectivity
  • Fix for displaying total car miles
  • Improved online game search
  • Timeout added to account creation and deletion
  • Front end flow improved for Head to Head
  • Account creation timeout fixed
  • Connection dropout handling improved
  • Uploading and Downloading Ghosts fixed
  • Account Sign In fix
  • Legal Screens can no longer be skipped
  • Improved language support
  • Missing icon replaced in Front End
  • Icons fixed for Russian distributions
  • Alt-F4 now handled more gracefully
  • Improved online experience with updated server data
  • Blank leaderboard fixed
  • Sign In buttons fixed
  • Updated Chat menu
  • Chat file handling fix
  • Gamer Pictures added to online experience
  • Text Scaling fix in Front End menu system
  • Chatting whilst going into an online race fixed
  • Audio loading moved to improve performance
  • Improved Alt-TAB support
  • Online Menu update in Front End
  • Leaderboard caching to improve leaderboard performance
  • Aspect Ratio in Launcher corrected and filtered
  • Flashing Textures fixed
  • Graphic tab in launcher layout improved
  • Audio fix to Front End
  • Fix for exiting the game with an Xbox 360 Controller
  • Fix for car mud at low resolutions causing a crash
  • Improved PC Clock update accuracy
  • Main menu and Pause menu audio matched
  • Co-Driver audio faded out on entering menus
  • Fix for race not starting in specific circumstances in lobby
  • Audio fix for post race glitches
  • Multiplayer online championship points reset between championships
  • Lap counter fixed in online games
  • Online game searches fixed when a large number of games exist
  • Font corrections for hi resolution displays
  • Front end flow to highlight correct menu item in lobby
  • Shadow improvements
  • Game Launcher improvements
  • Improved game clock synchronisation
  • Improved Xbox 360 Controller support
  • SSE1 Optimisations
  • Head to Head enabled
  • Bonnet flash between camera cuts fixed
  • Glow reset between races
  • Front end fixes for help text

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