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'The Day' - Facts & Features

by Rainier on Jan. 16, 2008 @ 9:14 a.m. PST

Reloaded Studios' CryENGINE 2-powered MMORPG, The Day, is a third-person action MMOG set in the near future. Mankind discovered a way to travel between two connected parallel worlds where players will travel back and forth between the past and present, accomplishing critical missions that extremely influence and affect their present-day world.

In the near future, mankind makes two scientific discoveries that dramatically alter the world. The first is the wormhole, which allows people to travel between two parallel worlds; the second is genomic transfer, which gives humans unlimited travel across time – past and future. Political forces soon harness these discoveries and use them to their own ends; altering everything in the past, including human DNA and the Earth’s resources, which in turn horribly mutates mankind’s past and future. People in the future are unaware of this seismic change, but gradually learn the truth; causing anti-government forces to band together and war to break out. After years of fighting, the leader of the resistance discovers that there is a parallel world that is also embroiled in warfare; the discovery of which leads to an expansion of both wars across both worlds – with the future of mankind at stake.

Players are faced with multiple worlds to fight in, including battles in the past, whose outcomes affect the future world that they come from. Not only must they battle the enemy in the field, they also must determine who amongst their fellow soldiers are friends – and who are traitors.


  • ALTERABLE TIME TRAVEL. The Day enables players to travel back in time (“Old Day”) and participate in massive battles utilizing never before seen weapons. However, whatever decisions they make in the past affect the world as they know it (“New Day”) in ways they can’t anticipate. The future alterations cover everything from affecting only the player, to altering their community and even changing the entire world. Multiple missions back to the past will be linked together with future consequences, resulting in a wide variety of alternations, depending on what decisions are made.
  • UNIQUE STORYLINE. The game takes players on the ultimate thrill ride through never-before-seen worlds, as well as altering every notion they have of the past. Missions to the past will include many historic events that have been reinterpreted by the game. For example, players might see the Napoleon Wars from a distance while on a mission, and only later find out what really happened. In addition to time travel, unbelievable visuals, “new” humans and parallel lands are all wound into some of the most stunning action sequences ever created.
  • UNPARALLELED PLAYER VS. PLAYER COMBAT. The Day incorporates cutting-edge PvP sequences that will challenge players’ wits and response time like never before. Engaging in brutal warfare as they battle to save humanity, players travel between parallel worlds and fight across time.
  • KILLER TECHNOLOGY/STUNNING VISUALS. Created with CryENGINE 2, The Day is armed with extremely dynamic content, richly detailed massive landscapes and a truly unique art style. The game’s dual world visuals and journeys into the past are like nothing seen before in gaming and provide a stirring backdrop to The Day’s dynamic features.
  • TRULY GLOBAL PRODUCT. Reloaded Studios reached out to developers all over the world in order to have as wide arranged of influences as possible. The result is a product that encompasses input from a wide variety of cultures, nations, races and religions, enabling The Day to truly represent the world.

The Day, powered by the CryENGINE 2, is targeted for release in 2010.

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