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'Toy Shop' (NDS) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 17, 2008 @ 9:35 a.m. PST

Developed by Gameinvest, Toy Shop puts players at the helm of a struggling toy shop where they’ll need to create fun toys that sell while managing store inventory, customers and budget. Turn the fledgling family toy store into a toy business empire!

In Toy Shop, players can choose their style of play—whether it’s assuming full control of all aspects of the family toy business or just making toys to sell in the store. As the business grows, seasonal holidays will attract new customers that will in turn help the business grow and unlock additional store locations. A true hands-on management approach is the key to success as players use the stylus to make toys, adjust prices, manage merchandising and review customer habits that affect buying patterns. An unhappy customer just might spread the word and compromise your reputation so service is a critical component to the burgeoning business. Shop owners can create more than 30 toys for the store, including teddy bears, action figures and board games, and a tutorial helps future entrepreneurs learn the ropes of the business.

“The concept for this unique simulation is like Santa’s workshop meets retail tycoon,” said John Merchant, Marketing Manager, Majesco Europe. “Toy Shop combines creative toy-making with overall store management to give players insight into the challenging, yet rewarding, business of fun. We believe Toy Shop has the same type of appeal as successful casual games like Cooking Mama and Cake Mania.”

When their grandfather passed away, Mel and Mark were left in charge of his toy shop with the condition that if they couldn’t make it successful within three years, it would be donated to the city. It’s up to you to help the two make toys, satisfy demanding customers, explore the city, and ultimately return their grandfather’s toy shop back to the boomingl business it once was!


  • Use the Stylus to control everything! From moving characters, making toys, interacting with others, and more!
  • Choose your style of play, whether it’s complete control of all operations, simply running the store or just creating toys; it’s your game.
  • Play mini games to create over 30 new and fun toys for your store, from Teddy Bears to Action Figures to Board Games. Earn experience by making toys to unlock new toys.
  • Run your shop for 3 years, with each year divided into 4 months that represent the 4 seasons. Each month has a special event that directly influences the number of people that shop and their specific behavior prior to the event. Events include: Valentine’s Day, Summer Vacation, Halloween and Christmas.
  • Work in 6 unique locations from the Toy Shop to the Toy Store, and areas throughout town with different seasonal appearances, including: Residential District, Commercial District, Main Square and Beach.
  • Unlock new, bigger store locations as you earn more money selling toys.
  • Adjust prices and change stock based on customer moods and habits. Touch customers with your stylus to see their budget, desired toys and perception of their Toy Shop experience.
  • Customer satisfaction is important in the store and out. If customers leave unhappy, other potential customers may never visit and you’ll lose business.
  • Learn the ins and outs of running the Toy Shop with an in-depth tutorial.
  • Control both Mel and Mark while interacting with more than 10 important town members, including the Mayor.

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