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Former 'Hitman' Developers Go Casual With 'Deep Blue Sea'

by Rainier on Jan. 2, 2008 @ 4:58 a.m. PST

Former Hitman programmers launch their first casual game from their new game studio, The Game Equation. Deep Blue Sea is an engaging and challenging match-3 puzzle gameplay, unique features and power-ups, and a 100% original soundtrack.

Get the Deep Blue Sea Demo off WP (8mb)

Dive in to the Deep Blue Sea and find treasure and adventure in an underwater world. The mystery of the aquatic people of Avalonia unfolds as you discover the scattered fragments of their Sacred Amulets, salvaging treasure along the way. The plot thickens as the Amulets are assembled and their powers come to life. Who can be trusted?

Deep Blue Sea continues to entertain with engaging and challenging match-3 puzzle gameplay, unique features and power-ups, and a 100% original soundtrack.

"After working on top-rated shooters for years, we were ready to work in a smaller company and make smaller games. We started to notice how people with our background were making top hits in the casual games industry," explains Brian Meidell, co-owner of the Copenhagen based company, The Game Equation. "We realized that the high end of the casual games industry was within our reach, and that the shorter product cycles and smaller company setting was exactly what we wanted. These are games that remind us of the ones we played when growing up," he smiles.

"We studied the different options, and decided on the match-3 genre for Deep Blue Sea,” explains Bo Cordes, co-owner of The Game Equation. “Our goal was to apply our knowledge and experience towards creating a casual game with totally smooth and responsive gameplay or, 'tight' gameplay as we call it." Deep Blue Sea’s initial sales and feedback indicate that they have accomplished just that.

One challenge was creating an original soundtrack that sets the mood throughout the game. "We knew from working on the internationally best-selling 'Hitman' series that the game’s sound and music mean a lot for its enjoyment, yet this is often the most overlooked element," Meidell clarifies. To this end, The Game Equation contracted a Danish composer, Rasmus Hartvig with years of experience creating music for films and theatrical productions, to create an integrated music and sound design for Deep Blue Sea.

"Making music and sound for computer games is a very different challenge from making music for films - you have to consider unusual factors like, 'would this be annoying to listen to after four hours,' and, 'what if these sounds are played simultaneously?' But I'm always up for a new challenge," says Hartvig.


  • 130 challenging levels
  • Collect 7 Magical Amulets
  • Purchase helpful equipment
  • Intriguing storyline
  • 5 original pieces of music

Deep Blue Sea is the result of The Game Equation’s experienced approach and dedication to detail. Deep Blue Sea is available for PC and Mac, both versions retailing at $20.

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