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Platform(s): PC, Wii
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Nocturnal Entertainment
Developer: Nocturnal Entertainment

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'Flowerworks' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 13, 2008 @ 12:37 p.m. PDT

Flowers and fireworks usually don't mix, but Flowerworks turns nature on its head in this accessible and original title. Flowerworks combines puzzle, exploration and action elements in an addictive, explosive adventure.

Flowerworks combines puzzle, exploration and action elements in an addictive, explosive adventure.

Follie (the game's heroine) comes from a planet of gentle plant-like creatures. Their planet is happy and colourful, yet heavily populated, and is famous around the galaxy for its "Flowerworks" - special flowers that bloom into a cascade of fireworks. The flowers hungrily suck in the fireworks which they create, using the energy to grow larger. This symbiotic relationship is a central part of life on Follie's home world, which is constantly lit up with fireworks - both day and night.

Flowerworks have another special property: the flowers transform the terrain around them, making it more hospitable to Follie's kind. The terraforming ability of the Flowerworks means that Follie's relatives have spread across the galaxy, turning lifeless rocky planets into ones that literally explode with colour and life.

Follie lives on a small planet with her large family. However, the planet is so small, and her family so great in number, that she has trouble finding a patch of clear ground to pursue her passion for gardening. She can only manage to grow a few tiny Flowerworks seedlings before they are accidentally trampled by a ninth cousin or seventeenth uncle.

Her favourite aunt lives alone on a much larger planet. When she invites Follie to transport a load of Flowerworks seeds to her home planet to help terraform it, Follie cannot wait to get started. She sets off in "Bulu", her family's galactic transport, with a sack full of her biggest Flowerworks seeds.

In the depths of space, Follie is startled from her hibernation by a dreadful commotion. The Flowerworks seeds have come to life! They are wailing pitifully and bouncing around inside the ship like hail in a storm. Follie cowers in a corner as her ship is dragged off course by the movement of the seeds - straight into the path of a nearby planetoid.

As the ship screams through the planetoid's atmosphere, the pounding of the Flowerworks seeds causes the hull to split open. The seeds spill out, tumbling through the atmosphere and scattering over the entire landscape.

The inevitable crash hurls the last of the seeds from the ship, and silence descends over the planet. Follie feels herself over for broken stems or torn leaves, and is happy to find that she has survived without injury. She opens the hatch to the ship, and her tendrils wilt in dismay. The planet is gloomy, empty and hideously ugly. The only inhabitants seem to be mindless plants, although somebody is obviously tending the place.

With no way to leave, and her Flowerwork seeds scattered everywhere, Follie does the only thing she can. She starts exploring the planet.

Both casual and hardcore gamers will enjoy Flowerworks. The unique gameplay involves catching seeds, feeding flowers, mixing colours, and timing fireworks to unleash explosive combos.

Flowerworks features over 50 unique levels, a free-play area for unlimited gameplay, and a huge world to explore.

Flowerworks is planned for release later this year.

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