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Fallen Earth

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Icarus Studios (EU), GamersFirst (US)
Developer: Icarus Studios

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'Fallen Earth' Reaches Content Complete Milestone

by Rainier on Oct. 2, 2008 @ 11:14 a.m. PDT

Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game that mixes FPS style with traditional RPG mechanics, where six factions are struggling to emerge from the collapse of civilization brought on by viruses and environmental disaster.

Fallen Earth is a massively multiplayer online game mixing first-person shooter style action with traditional role-playing game design. Set near the Grand Canyon in 2156 after a deadly plague wiped out most of humanity, the game features six factions, a classless advancement system, and a unique crafting feature in which players can make 95 percent of game items. With approximately 70 towns, real-time settings and interesting character modifications—woven together in a post-Apocalyptic plot—Fallen Earth provides ultimate player versus player and player versus environment experiences.

“When we set our milestones and started the scrum method nine months ago, we knew we had some incredibly high goals for the team to achieve,” said Colin Dwan, Fallen Earth project manager. “Since then we have run like a well-oiled machine and actually surpassed those original goals. The team has worked tirelessly to not only deliver an immense volume of material, but new and innovative play experiences. Quality has not been sacrificed on our path to completion. I can't wait to get more people in the world to enjoy this awesome experience.”

Achieving a new level of 3D realism through the use of hi-poly normal mapped objects, the Fallen Earth art department has created hundreds of jackets, pants, belts, gloves, and pads for players of all skill levels. Characters have more than a dozen customizable character slots, including head, mouth, eye, and ear slots, giving players unlimited options for character development. New and improved ranged and melee weapons add diverse combat options, including a bladed hockey stick, a parking meter, a Tesla hammer (a Taser on a hammer) and even a baker’s rolling pin. A wide range of gear—gas masks, hazmat suits, goggles and specialized body armor—complete the player experience.

The Fallen Earth development team has completed thousands of new character customization options, approximately 70 towns and more than 5,000 missions—many of which are faction-oriented and relate directly to the game’s story line. Starter towns acclimate players to post-tutorial game play and provide basic needed supplies. Fifteen towns are designed as player-conquerable, with areas of abandoned towers and rubble specifically designed for the PvP enthusiast.

The Fallen Earth team developed more than 50,000 lines of dialogue including information on missions, item descriptions, conversation options, and NPC interactions. More than 1,300 new and motion-captured animations and emotes allow players to communicate more easily and add visual excitement to the game.

Players are forced to be resourceful, scavenging and trading with other players to create vehicles, weapons and other tools using several thousand crafting recipes. Boasting a database of approximately 6,000 items, players can combine materials and work with others to make 95 percent of game items. Although most vehicles are designed solely for transportation, they give players an added combat advantage, as weapons can be mounted or fired from the vehicle.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable characters, including different faces, hair, and skin color
  • Thousands of items - clothing, body art, weapons, armor and objects of varying power and ability
  • A rich and evolving universe with storyline based missions
  • Unlimited character based growth in skills, stats, and special abilities
  • Team based missions requiring planning and tactics not just brute force
  • Smart creatures that will challenge players abilities by reacting not just acting
  • Environmental features that have strategic impact on play actions
  • Sniper view, night vision goggles, and various sensor arrays
  • Incredibly detailed, character driven, animation system Player can enter Stealth mode for higher accuracy during combat
  • Dozens of different weapons, from knives to plasma cannons, all customizable with various attachments
  • Death match arenas and capture the flag scenarios
  • A world so big you'll need a vehicle to cover the vast landscape
  • Various vehicles from single occupancy to multi-passenger vehicles
  • Customizable vehicles - armor, weapons, onboard systems
  • Roadways connecting far flung outposts and affecting your car's performance
  • A massive world with forgotten technologies ready to be reused...
  • Huge abandoned underground complexes...
  • First encounters with mutated species...
  • Story lines revealed through player interaction
  • Scavenge remnants of the old world for knowledge and profit
  • Develop trade skills for wealth and power
  • Establish trade routes and caravans across vast and dangerous expanses
  • Players can aid in the maintainence and expansion of towns and outposts as well as owning complexes

Fallen Earth is currently in Alpha testing. The Beta test date has not been released.

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