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Immortal Defense

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy

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'Immortal Defense' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 26, 2008 @ 7:36 a.m. PDT

Immortal Defense is a story-focused, abstract game in which the main character, K, gave up his physical body, leaving his pregnant wife, for a chance to defend his family and planet from an invading force.

Get the Immortal Defense Demo off WP (18mb)

Immortal Defense at its core is a tower defense game--a game of strategy where you place down defensive structures and seek to prevent enemies from reaching what you are protecting. In Immortal Defense, the enemies move along a set path and have to be destroyed

One unique aspect of Immortal Defense is that the mouse cursor itself fires at enemies, and can charge up and execute special attacks.

Immortal Defense is a story-focused, abstract game in which the main character, K, gave up his physical body, leaving his pregnant wife, for a chance to defend his family and planet from an invading force. There he meets Aa, who becomes his mentor and helps him through the difficult transition. Throughout the course of the game K fails to defend his planet, but then it mysteriously shows up again, and he has conversations with his granddaughter, who he never met, over the course of millions of years -- but is it all real, or is he defending nothing at all, forever?

Immortal Defense was first released in 2007, but has recently been updated to include a level editor, 50% more content, and other changes, and lowered the price.

There are 11 "Points"--aspects of your will--which you can use to defend. The main strategy of the game is deciding which "Points" to place, where to place them, and which to "upgrade" (spend resources to power up). I'll now describe five of the eleven Points, to give a sense for their individuality.

The Fear Point has a short range, but any enemy it hits is stunned temporarily, and its defense is reduced to 0, making it an easy target for the other Points or for the mouse cursor's firing attacks. At its highest attack level, the Fear Point can reach any enemy and fires out its attacks in a blind panic at any enemy it can think of. The Fear Point fears what will happen if you cannot protect what you are defending.

The Ortho Point can only fire horizontally or vertically in a straight line, enemies at a diagonal to it won't be attacked. It also has a small splash damage range, any enemy very near the enemy it hits will also be damaged, making it good for taking out large groups, but its placement is critical, it can be much less effective in some spots than others. The Ortho Point understands that defense must be logical, or it will fail.

The Strategist Point fires at whatever the mouse cursor is firing at; its attacks do a percent damage of the enemy's HP rather than a set amount, its attacks decrease an enemy's defensive abilities permanently by some amount, and its attacks re-direct nearby attacks of other Points toward the enemy it just hit, giving those attacks a bonus percent to their attack power. It's very useful in combination with certain other Points. The Strategist Point oversees the entire battlefield and knows what areas best deserve the coordinated attack of all the Points.

The Turning Point is the only Point which can move around during battle. Its attacks are unaffected by an enemy's defense rating, and they also damage an enemy's maximum HP as well as their current HP, making them very useful on enemies that can heal themselves. It is somewhat hard to aim, as it is a changeable, unstable Point, but it can be extremely effective at times, it is always in flux, like its personality.

The Danmaku Point... can anyone really know it? It's the most powerful of all the Points, potentially, but also the most expensive and difficult to use. Its nature is a mystery, and it only becomes available late in the game... but once it arrives, it drastically changes how defenses can play out. Its patterns come out of nature of the current situation, it alone is the essence of all real defense.

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