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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Troika

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'Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines' - v5.7 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 4, 2008 @ 6:36 a.m. PDT

Players begin their journey into darkness by choosing to play as any of seven different vampire clans. Each clan in the game offers a distinctive set of skills, traits and abilities including: supernatural speed, stealth, invisibility, mind control, inhuman strength, combat, and stamina, each of which will be further refined as players progress through the game. Players will earn and apply experience points to increase their powers and skills, allowing them to create their ultimate creature of the night, from stealthy hunter to seductive charmer to a feral, brutal killing machine.

Get the Vampires The Masquerade v5.7 patch off WP (51/140mb)

This is an unofficial patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines by Troika Games. It's a cumulative patch containing all the previous patches and is intended for english retail or Direct2Drive versions!

Applying this patch to a version in another language will work also, but all texts in the game previously appearing in that language will be replaced by the english versions with the exception of the menus.

To install the patch extract this archive into the game folder using options that keep the directory structure intact and overwrite every file of the same name. Removing it is only possible by reinstallion.

This patch fixes many bugs, restores unused content and mods some of the game to improve the consistency of the presented world. It ought to be installed right on top of the Troika Games official patch 1.2.

More basic changes are listed first in the version history, then bug fixes and more. It is recommended to start a new game after patching to avoid odd behaviour. Patching also resets all options to default.

Both editors used for the creation of this patch are included in the vdata directory. Many thanks go to Turvy for VPKTool and RobinHood70 for BSPEdit. Everything else can be done using a normal text editor.

Tips and Tricks:

When using the console, be sure to activate it from the menu only.
To reinstall clean up registry and remove vtmb.ini from /windows.
On start crashings force refresh rate override or use -dxlevel 80.
If you experience stutter on dual core systems turn one core off.
Don't save or leave maps with disciplines active to avoid crashes.
At high Obfuscate levels use attack to stealth kill without fail.
When controls are sticky start the game in Win98 compability mode.
Have four empty inventory slots when taking Imalia's Tawni quest.
If you can't read papers re-bind "use" away from the mousebuttons.
To avoid crashes don't play sounds with the Windows Media Player.
If a container auto-closes right-click the objects to choose them.
Enemy death may open doors and give items, which Trance does not.
Some feed victims stay in Trance so don't bite quest-related ones.
Occasionally Beckett stays in wolf form when meeting him, reload.
Game may crash in cutscenes if you are Obfuscated, so turn it off.
If you experience random attacking bind attack away from "enter".
Rarely your appartment may get full of strange stuff, just reload.
If a cutscene freezes try reload or type frenzyplayer in console.
When getting problems with a history during the tutorial, skip it.


(+) indicates changes to Plus version

  • +Restored Skelter with his dialogue to Lucky Star during the endgame.
  • +Adjusted maximal ammo to match clip size and raised rifle accuracy.
  • +Moved Fat Larry into Confession alley and restored Fae Charm reward.
  • +Restored crossbow bolts and rifle bullets buyable from all vendors.
  • +Made Toreador start with Appearance +1 and increased falling damage.
  • Changed severed arm pickup sound and added two missing mode sounds.
  • Fixed taxi driver, E, Razor, Yukie, Mercurio, Nadia and Jack issues.
  • Made Larry send spam email to show that vendors update their stock.
  • Swapped several Ventrues with helipad SWATs and fixed their texture.
  • Removed second tutorial enemy for Presence because of common popup.
  • Prevented talking with Chunk when someone else attacked the Gallery.
  • Corrected sliding doors, some handles and an icon at Venture Tower.
  • Fixed logs for Copper, Heather, werewolf blood and Metalhead quests.
  • Corrected wrong icons at the Ocean House and Jezebel Locke's trunk.
  • Made Astrolite undroppable again and added a Regent Blood Hunt line.
  • Unified burning barrel and fire explosion damage on several levels.
  • Turned the Firemage and Ventrues into females for male clan members.
  • Fixed issues for bums, Pisha, Copper, Empire clerk and Bishop Vick.
  • Added missing cabbie aura to three maps and fixed minor text issues.
  • Corrected Temple maps start orientation, inspections and a tin can.
  • Improved corpse variety in warrens lair and a Blood Hunt enemy pair.


  • +Made Jack remove .38 to fix exploit and repaired broken Isaac logs.
  • +Decreased crossbows criminal level and fixed Sin Bin state reload.
  • +Fixed broken Empire hotel card printer usage and made it plus only.
  • +Restored first dot Domination options for Tremere during dialogue.
  • +Added overlooked humanity losses and restored sheet music of basic.
  • +Disabled true sight for Vick, Killer, Cathayan and Blood Guardian.
  • +Made Romero train up to Firearms 4 and Beckett up to scholarship 3.
  • +Increased xp gain on freeing Ash and delivering Imalia's magazine.
  • Added a few Shin Guntos to sewer hunters and improved end fade out.
  • Adjusted double Ithaca reload sound and added several drop sounds.
  • Repaired Barabus quest re-update and a wrong Zhao died quest state.
  • Corrected faulty Isaac lip-synchro and several minor text details.
  • Added sound to Kiki cutscene and fixed Hollywood bus stop map typo.
  • Removed a talk icon in diner and corrected lg firearms book value.
  • Made player get a look at Gimble's hand and fixed some map details.
  • BSPEdit updated to edit several prop stats, thanks to RobinHood70.
  • Fixed dialogue issues for Ming, VV, Trip, Boris, Vandal and Damsel.
  • Made unfinished Regent's plague quest fail in case you betray him.
  • Fixed ghouling quest not updating and improved Bertram's quest log.
  • Added Vandal gesture for females and fade out at the tutorial end.
  • Resolved bug when entering the Fu Syndicate while being obfuscated.
  • Prevented continuing E's quest after you failed it by killing him.
  • Fixed dialogue bugs of Skelter, Arthur, blueblood, clerk and Venus.
  • Added a missing light switch and missing door sound to King's Way.
  • Removed reference to Ricky at Glaze and made upstairs guards fight.
  • Repaired several cut off dialogue lines and a few lip-synch issue.
  • Moved Jack down to Skelter and improved Tin Can Bill's expressions.
  • Included 64bit install and memory tools, thanks to Iain Patterson.
  • Removed buggy SM haven board and Mercurio's note after you met him.
  • Moved Ash song from Empire hotel to the unfinished museum diorama.
  • Added default 1.2 map and python files to tools, thanks to Offkorn.
  • Restored katanas to Tongs and removed the one at Fu Syndicate.
  • Turned hospital into Elysium area during your encounter with Pisha.
  • Fixed dialogues for Jack, Mercurio, Regent, Razor and taxi driver.
  • Changed three history humanity penalties to avoid humanity of zero.
  • Lowered surf computer difficulty and added a Gargoyle quest state.
  • Made Tawni laptop reflect mission and fixed Zygaena and Yukie bugs.
  • Stopped Maria and Victor from dropping invitations they don't own.
  • Added inspection nodes to some trapdoors in the Giovanni crypt map.


  • +Moved Pyro Crossbow from Society to Syndicate instead of bloodpack.
  • +Changed new stealth rules so that only highest sneaking is harder.
  • Made Ocean House quest failure update when reconciling the sisters.
  • Fixed details with Isaac, Boris, Jack, Heather, Mercurio and Phil.
  • Implemented ZVTool and added readmes to tools, thanks to ZylonBane.
  • Lessened vents fade outs at Skyeline Apartments and fixed a decal.
  • Added second T-Rex sound to museum and corrected some text details.
  • Restored xps at Glaze for peaceful approach and fixed the monitor.
  • Fixed morphine quest after warehouse and .38 ammo tutorial exploit.
  • Added blood loss when ghouling Heather and having fun with others.
  • Made Sin Bin ATM indestructible to avoid breaking connected script.
  • Improved card printer usage and added a few more inspection nodes.
  • Restored original descriptions for crossbow bolts and rifle rounds.
  • Added several missing doors and adjusted SM endgame bus stop maps.
  • Moved restored female raver to the Asylum and fixed teeth textures.
  • Hid Giovanni crypt trapdoor icons and fixed Nadia and zombie bugs.
  • Removed second Dominate tutorial enemy and Johansen basic problems.


  • +Repaired braid perception powerup and Yukie and VV dialogue issues.
  • +Restored third person melee and included alternate files in tools.
  • Corrected minor dialogue and map details and two item descriptions.
  • Swapped tape messages at Grout's Mansion and fixed clipping ghoul.
  • Restored Toreador humanity xp bonus and burning Tzimisce creations.
  • Added many expressions towards Nosferatu and adjusted some others.
  • Fixed missing Patty quest update and a possible Boris and Dema bug.
  • Repaired warehouse bum leaving and Romero fun sound playing again.
  • Fixed Dane crane switch directions and removed Venture window taxi.
  • Removed Misti freebie for Nosferatu and added a Sweeper reference.
  • Changed sound for dead body container and some npctemplate genders.
  • Added short-time bar replacement for Venus in case you killed her.
  • Made Glaze monitor turn off earlier and fixed Zhao death reference.
  • Moved Kamikaze Zen vent exit into a back alley to make more sense.
  • Corrected wrong observatory manhole sound and many bad drop sounds.
  • Placed females at the Blood Hunt and restored Heather clothes fix.
  • Corrected a TBO sign typo and male Tremere model, thanks to MooCHa.
  • Fixed Prodigy history not being available and Dane computer issue.
  • Corrected contradiction of Wong Ho newscaster and newspaper report.
  • Fixed Pestilence for bosses and visible taxi TV icon and triggers.
  • Restored netcafe headrunner sequence and a Giovanni guard sentence.
  • Corrected Skelter/Patty issues and removed wrong gestures of Jack.
  • Restored unused Daniel Ash - Come Alive song into the Empire hotel.
  • Added TV sound to Nosferatu haven and made Sweeper defend himself.


  • Tweaked new stealth rules and made rating visible at Tawni's place.
  • Made first person view melee fighting possible, thanks to Offkorn.
  • Restored plus conditions for hg firearms, computer and dodge books.
  • Made braid raise perception and improved Fu Syndicate test timing.
  • Fixed blood return and purge and added xp for hacking freezer code.
  • Removed warehouse bum before cutscene and made tubes not sellable.
  • Added some idle expressions to Gimble and Jack during the tutorial.
  • Fixed minor dialogue bugs, a Dane computer issue and version info.
  • Restored Jeanette scene for females and Larry's quest for everyone.
  • Prevented surplus CD quest email and corrected Maria dress detail.
  • Fixed Beckett's scholarship bonus and Pearl item, thanks to MooCHa.
  • Removed Tzimisce creation burning death and an Empire door handle.
  • Fixed occasion of Yukie not getting her sword and minor map issues.
  • Corrected looping conversation and look-through duct at warehouse.
  • Restored beach house inspection and changed Eldritch Prodigy bonus.
  • Corrected wrong newspaper icons and restored valve and oven icons.
  • Replaced sky at the Ocean House hotel to get rid of oversized moon.


  • Removed Intimidation powerup of grenade prop and added it to basic.
  • Restored Protean 4/5 damage and some enemy discipline resistances.
  • Made Tseng sell Shin Guntos and normal crossbows instead of Slater.
  • Restored unused name plate, throwing star and library card models.
  • Fixed new item models and female Tremere glasses, thanks to MooCHa.
  • Made only Mercurio sell SWAT rifle rounds and Pyro Crossbow bolts.
  • Restored five vendor and three context icons and Giovanni's cabbie.
  • Made Yukie invincible at Temple and streamlined Gary's phone call.
  • Restored hotel guard and warehouse Markus models, thanks to gardeb.
  • Added fade and sound when loving Romero and sound to pimpin quest.
  • Restored second Sabbat into warehouse and fixed MP infos and clans.
  • Improved Santa Monica rain speed and visuals, thanks to ZylonBane.
  • Armed sewer hunters with GLOCKs and sword hunters with Shin Guntos.
  • Restored a Gargoyle gesture and removed some of Regent and Prince.
  • Added special Jeanette email and repaired super-sensible Fu guards.
  • Removed Romero returning from basic but added him to pimpin quest.
  • Placed female bums into SM and adjusted cash inventory description.
  • Made cameras stackable and renamed SWAT rifle "Remington M24 SWS".
  • Added Firemage animations and fixed subtitles for dominated victim.
  • Fixed many enemies not damaging each other even when Blood Boilded.
  • Delayed Boris' Dementation reaction and made Dima leave when sent.
  • Turned all armor and Ocean House pendant not stashable or loosable.
  • Locked buggy Temple door for good and fixed more props and sounds.
  • Repaired Tseng shelves problem and added a missing Shu quest state.
  • Corrected Vandal, Isaac, Misti, Victor and Luca dialogue problems.
  • Added sound for Giovanni sliding doors and two missing email lines.
  • Fixed Lu, Heather, Gargoyle, Regent, Trip and Ash dialogue issues.
  • Renamed Cathayan "Fernando Cougat" and fixed Heather's morgue date.
  • Corrected bad Jeanette quest update and made Cal getting re-hired.
  • Fixed several left over basic/plus stat details, thanks to Offkorn.
  • Added warehouse start astrolite check and fixed minor text issues.
  • Removed unfitting sounds at Lotus Blossom and some dialogue pauses.
  • Fixed asking Malcolm about saved Heather and Knox's quest looping.
  • Re-fixed Thaumaturgy with non-humans and fixed Newscaster position.
  • Fixed double doors at Giovanni Mansion and removed Bruno's clones.
  • Added a Vandal line for females and fixed two Venture double doors.
  • Made Chang's threat stay in dialogue and fixed Lily's diary dates.
  • Moved female disease bum close to Last Round to make her lines fit.


  • Made more basic/plus changes using variable and fixed text details.
  • Added netcafe entry update for Ash Rivers and delayed Tawni's one.
  • Made Bach and Shu drop both weapons and removed a basic carry-over.
  • Added museum and Bertram log states and Blood Buff in Elysium tip.
  • Added xp for Copper and poster quests and matched basic/plus order.
  • Moved Tawni poster to Tremere bathroom and restored a Regent line.
  • Made Hatter drop screenplay on death and corrected Blood Boil info.
  • Stopped Skelter from blocking you and adjusted Hannah's book dates.
  • Added breaking sound to warrens vent and Ocean House floor boards.
  • Restored Vandal's alternative for Nosferatu and warehouse bonus xp.
  • Fixed basic Ra blade description and it's invisible stats in plus.
  • Made sarcophagus key not giveable and fixed a basic Imalia exploit.
  • Improved Tommy's quest log and fixed Regent and Trip endgame bugs.
  • Removed inappropriate Buddha moving sound and included python code.


Most performance problems reported to Activision Customer Support are due to computer systems not meeting the minimum system requirements or not having the latest video and sound card drivers installed.

If these are not the causes of any performance problems you are experiencing, we recommend that you try some or all of the following suggestions.

• Set your desktop to a resolution of 800x600, 32-bit True Color and play the game at that resolution.
• Shut down all background applications.
• Disable any anti-virus software you are running.

• Set the game’s Game Options to their minimum settings. In particular, disable Environmental Effects.

• This game requires a 1400MB swap file. If you are using Windows XP, 98, or ME, make sure that you have “Let Windows Manage My Virtual Memory” enabled, and if you are using Windows 2000, make sure that you have manually set your max swap file size to 1400MB. In addition, make that you actually have enough free space on your hard drive to facilitate the swap file (1400MB).

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