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Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: SouthPeak Games
Developer: Venan Entertainment

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'Ninjatown' (NDS) Introduces the Dark Forest - New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 7, 2008 @ 9:26 a.m. PDT

SouthPeak Games' new NDS exclusive title, Ninjatown, based on the ShawnimalsÂ’ designer toy line, where you have to defend your peaceful town from Mr. Demon, using each of the NinjasÂ’ unique skills and powers.

Sunny skies, lush forest and rolling hills combine to form the land known as Ninjatown where adorable and honorable Ninjas populate this vibrant yet peaceful place. However, after the mysterious eruption of a nearby volcano, Ninjatown is attacked by hordes of sinister enemies lead by Mr. Demon, who, for reasons unknown, is bent on destruction. It is now time to use each of the Ninjas’ unique skills and powers – including the Mighty Wind of Ninja Dropping and Stealth Hugs - even the Ol’ Master Ninja comes out of retirement to fight off the evil and secure Ninjatown, one district at a time. The game is played from the top down, where the player uses the stylus to strategically place Ninjas to defend each area. The action is non-stop!

Travel into the Dark Forest in hot pursuit of Mr. Demon! At Crossed Junction, you'll be joined by the Forest Ninjas, who attack flying and ground enemies with equal skill. Be warned, however, as the Zombie Ninjas will stumble out of the woods as well, eager to swell their ranks with your Ninjatown heroes! Giant balls of Dark Syrup will fall from the sky in Dark Syrup Circle forcing you to use all new strategies if you hope to be successful. Be sure to utilize the Blacksmith Hut to give your ninjas armor and reduce damage taken in battle! Venture deep into Dark Forest way to confront the evil and poisonous Dark Forest Ninjas, and utilize your new Ol' Master Ninja power, Hickory Lunge – guaranteed to take out as many enemies as you can tap on the screen! Finally, take the Dark Tree Path and fight The Super Evil Tree to gain access to Mr. Demon's lair!


  • Based on the popular Shawnimals designer toys and plush – this is the first game to bridge the designer toy and videogame worlds
  • The game is played from the top down, with the player using the stylus to place buildings and issue commands to ninjas on the battlefield
  • Non-stop gameplay that combines town “build” and “defend” modes to keep the action flowing
  • Each Ninja has specific powers and weapons that make them well suited to fight off certain enemies
  • Ol’ Master Ninja comes down from above to bust out special moves like “Get off My Lawn” which uses the Microphone to “blow” enemies around the map
  • Each building is upgradeable to keep your fighting Ninjas one step ahead of the forces of evil
  • Build support buildings to bolster your Ninja skills and help them fight off the enemy
  • Totally unique art style and gameplay bring a fresh look and feel to the DS
  • The creator of Shawnimals and Ninjatown, Shawn Smith, is a former editor at Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine.

Ninjatown is scheduled for release in October 28, 2008.

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