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Scene It? Box Office Smash

Platform(s): Xbox 360
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Krome Studios
Release Date: Oct. 28, 2008

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'Scene It? Box Office Smash' (X360) Gets Release Date

by Rainier on Oct. 7, 2008 @ 10:34 a.m. PDT

Scene It? Box Office Smash will ignite your game night this holiday season with totally new questions, movie puzzles and more high-definition (HD) content from real movies including some of Hollywood's latest blockbusters. Trivia night goes global as players challenge each other online over Xbox Live, customize their own characters, and access extra questions and localized content from films around the world.

One of several new social party games coming to Xbox 360 this year, "Scene It? Box Office Smash!" is a great way to entertain guests at your next social gathering letting up to four players or teams match their wits in a trivia game featuring the movies they love. Complete with more HD content, all new questions and engaging puzzle types, “Scene It? Box Office Smash” provides hours of laughter as you challenge your friends and family to see whose movie knowledge reigns supreme. “Scene It? Box Office Smash” also is Xbox 360’s first game to debut with the New Xbox Experience’s player Avatars. Players can literally put themselves into the game through personalized characters that respond to your play and interact with each other throughout the course of the game!

A great value for the retail price of $59.99, “Scene It? Box Office Smash” comes bundled with four easy to use, game show style wireless Big Button Pad controllers that will transform your living room into a proper game show set. For those who already own a set of Big Button Pads, the game is also available without the controllers for $39.99.

“Scene It? Box Office Smash” contains content from more than 250 movies, spanning classic films and family favorites like The Breakfast Club, The Sting and Shrek to recent box offices hits including, “Charlie Wilson’s War,” “The Last King of Scotland,” and “Juno.” With such a wide array of content, there’s something for everyone to enjoy with “Scene It? Box Office Smash” this holiday.


  • New movies, new questions and new puzzle challenges. It's not just trivia; it's trivia about movies you love, with hundreds of all-new questions, audio clips, photo stills and HD movie clips never seen before in any Scene It? game. Scene It? Box Office Smash also features brand-new types of puzzle challenges that are sure to keep gamers guessing all night long, including these:
    • "Pixel Flix," where players try to name the film after watching an old-school, 8-bit-style animation of a famous scene.
    • "Celebrity Ties," a six degrees of separation-type challenge in which players must link together a series of clues to guess the answer.
    • "Which Is Which," where players test their power of observation as they try to determine which of two similar movie stills match a particular movie. In addition, all 22 puzzle types have been designed to provide the ultimate multiplayer experience on Xbox 360.
  • Movie trivia the world will love. Movie fans in France, Italy, German, Spain and the U.K. have even more to love, with content from some of their favorite local films included in versions of the game sold in their countries.
  • New online multiplayer capabilities. Airplane flights are expensive, and your friends are everywhere. Solution? A Scene It? match over Xbox LIVE. Better than a phone call, playing over Xbox LIVE builds new memories with old friends and the opportunity to test your knowledge against friends or movie buffs around the world with several new online multiplayer modes.
  • Picture yourself at the movies. With the new Xbox LIVE experience, players can literally put themselves into the game through custom characters that respond to your play and react to one another throughout the course of the game.
  • More questions on Xbox LIVE. With downloadable content available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and a content tracking system that minimizes question repeats, players always have a fresh play experience.
  • Everyone gets in the game with the Big Button Pad. Chips are better with guacamole. Games are better with friends and family. So gather your friends and family for a race to the buzzer, and see whose movie knowledge reigns. With the intuitive wireless Big Button Pad, even the most console-phobic person will play, and maybe even win. Available with four wireless Big Button Pads, or without for aficionados who already own them from the previous Xbox 360 release Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action.

Scene It? Box Office Smash hits North American retailers on October 28, 2008.

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