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'Tetris Party' (Wii) Organizes Tournament Series

by Rainier on Nov. 20, 2008 @ 12:26 a.m. PST

Tetris Party will feature 18 game modes with 10 never-before-seen single-player and multiplayer variations of Tetris, including modes that utilize the point-and-shoot capabilities of the Wii Remote, as well as the recently released Wii Balance Board. Tetris Party Tournament will test the skills of players in a variety of Tetris modes, including Marathon, Field Climber and Stage Racer.

Tetris Party is a deceptively simple, totally addictive puzzle game that is sure to keep you and all of your friends and family entertained for hours on end.

The WiiWare game features 10 never-before-seen single-player and multiplayer variations of Tetris, including Field Climber, Stage Racer, Shadow and Wii Balance Board-enabled modes (Wii Balance Board accessory sold with Wii Fit). Several of the modes give users the chance to take advantage of the unique point-and-shoot capabilities of the Wii Remote controller. The party doesn't stop there, though.

Take the Tetris fun online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, where you can play multiplayer Tetris against up to five friends at a time. You can also see how your Tetris Party skills stack up against the rest of the world using the global ranking system.

Four unique tournaments will be hosted, each made up of one to four rounds. Each round is a variant of Tetris Party that will run bimonthly. At the end of each round, each player will receive a rank and confirmation code from the game.

The first tournament will feature four rounds -- Marathon, Field Climber, Shadow and Stage Racer.

Players should register here, where they will input their confirmation code. The confirmation code must be entered on the site once for each round the player participates in. Each player's rank will determine the amount of tournament points they receive for that round.

Here's how the tournament scoring works: If a player ranks No. 1 in a round, he or she will receive 1,000 points, the No. 2 ranked player will receive 999 points, and the player who ranks No. 1,000 will receive 1 point. At the end of the fourth round, Tetris Online will total up all rounds played for each player and rank the top players on a score leaderboard.

The top 500 eligible entrants on the leaderboard will receive a Wii Points from Tetris Online.

Details on Tetris Party Tournament One:

Round One: Marathon

Playing Marathon mode, try to obtain the highest score possible.

  • Starts: 0:00 (GMT) on December 1, 2008
  • Ends: 23:59 (GMT) on December 15, 2008

Round Two: Field Climber

Playing Field Climber mode, try to get the climber to the goal in the least amount of time.

  • Starts: 0:00 (GMT) on December 16, 2008
  • Ends: 23:59 (GMT) on December 31, 2008

Round Three: Shadow

Playing Shadow mode, try to solve the puzzle in the shortest total time and with 100 percent completion.

  • Starts: 0:00 (GMT) on January 1, 2009
  • Ends: 23:59 (GMT) on January 15, 2009

Round Four: Stage Racer

Playing Stage Racer mode, try to cross the finish line in the least amount time.

  • Starts: 0:00 (GMT) on January 16, 2009
  • Ends: 23:59 (GMT) on January 31, 2009

Three additional tournaments with all new challenges are scheduled for 2009.

Tetris Party is currently available as a download for WiiWare.

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