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'7Million' Faction #2 Revealed - New Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2008 @ 5:31 a.m. PST

7Million is a free to play MMO in the exciting world of spectacular heists, daring thieves and glamorous lady larcenists, featuring action filled puzzle games, cool, fully customizable characters and challenging missions – delivered in true style, of course.

Welcome to 7Million – the game that never sleeps!

7Million is a free to play massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) in the exciting world of spectacular heists, daring thieves and glamorous lady larcenists. 7Million offers something for every type of player: Action filled puzzle games, cool, fully customizable characters and challenging missions – delivered in true style, of course.

Any aspiring crook will find the latest news, pictures and game information here, so be sure to drop in for a visit.

The game about fame welcomes you all to the glamorous world of gentleman gangsters and lady thieves. If you simply can’t resist the scent of big money and spectacular heists, 7Million will allow you to rub shoulders with the cleverest of crooks. Create your own individual character and prowl the streets of Paradise City in search of the next big thing.

7Million plays in a detailed 3D world in a modern setting with many parallels to the real world. Despite all this 7Million is not an exact reflection of the real world, to allow players enough room for imagination and development. 7Million will be a welcome change in MMO's, as it does not play in the typical fantasy or science-fiction genre. Players with only a small amount of time will get their bearings quickly without missing out on all the fun of the game and the interaction with loads of other players.

Faction #2: Lawford Connection

There is no honor amongst celebrities.

Every Lawford member craves his or her five minutes of fame - but on a daily basis! Of course, fortune goes along well with fame, so a bit of green does not hurt either. Many Lawfords live the American Dream - going from rags to riches as quickly as possible. Of course, for a true Lawford, the rags would have been the latest fashion style in the first place; it will not do to be seen in public wearing yesterday's rags.

The intense competition for attention has resulted in all members constantly trying to outdo one another with regards to wearing the most outrageous fashion, throwing the most decadent parties, or having the most eclectic collections. It is always a struggle to stand out in a crowd of people who have made standing out their main job.

The craving for wealth and power is a strong motivator for anyone. The Lawford Connection has made it the one tie that connects all its members - they are united in the struggle for success and acknowledge the fact that together they stand a better chance to reach that goal. This made them extremely dynamic and helped their astounding success in becoming one of the top factions of the city with unparalleled speed.

Toppling the established order basically overnight, the Lawfords have made quite an entry onto the stage known as Paradise City. In virtually no time they took over one third of the city, prying away control of the movie district and the high society villas of Bel Air from the complacent Stimato bosses. The Stimato managed to stop the drive into their territory finally, but by then the Lawfords already had set up a well-oiled business machine and a far-reaching information gathering system, and had wrapped most of the city officials around their well-manicured fingers. Also, the Lawfords have been accepting anyone with talent and ambition into their ranks, and promotion inside the faction is not stifled by tradition like it is with the CĂșram or the Stimato. They thus count many members amongst them who previously belonged to other factions - which gave them vital information on the dealings of those factions.

Thus, one of the key factors of the Lawfords' quick rise to power has been their advantage in many areas of knowledge - practical or theoretical. Others often see them as merely eccentric and superficial, but any Lawford worth their caviar and champagne will have a keen interest in knowledge. It may just be the knowledge of what the latest fashion dictates are - vital to the live of any partygoer - but it might as well be information on top secret computer systems. Staying "well informed" on society rumors or new valuable targets is the daily bread of the Lawfords, and many of the most tech-savvy criminals in Paradise City have found a home with them.

Living in style requires certain funds, so money is important to the Lawfords. However, money for money's sake is terribly boring, and wealth should be enjoyed thoroughly. Pouring money into luxury items, rare collections, wardrobe, and parties is the right way to spend ones hard-won currency. It is also a requirement to finance living as a celebrity, so wealth is the key to higher aspirations.


  • Director: The Director is the founder of the Lawford Connection, and thus their highest authority. The first and current Director is none other than mysterious Christine Lawford herself - estranged heir of a wealthy casino mogul, and married to famous gambler, socialite and master thief Arthur "Art" Lawford - who died in a mysterious accident shortly after the faction was established. Christine oversees the Board of Partners, controls the acquisition of new "partners", and has the right to instate or drop them if she is seconded by a majority of the board.
  • Partners: The middle management - successful individuals who have managed to secure a place on the Board, and run their own operations. They have a wide range of talents, and an even wider range of eccentricities.
  • Junior Partners: The upwardly mobile, who are hoping to make partner some day. From common thugs to computer experts, they comprise the workforce of the Lawfords, but are less numerous than in the more traditional factions, since the Lawfords prefer to outsource.
  • Employees: Employees are the rank and file of the Lawfords, but they usually outsource most of their work, as they do not want to be bogged down with boring organizational details. Thus, there are few permanent employees in the faction. Any player character working for the Lawfords may become an employee if he or she is in good standing.


Natalie "Sugar" Coleman (Junior Partner)

Her sweet looks and innocent demeanor mask a cunning mind. Sugar Coleman is new to the scene, but made junior partner in no time. Now she has her eyes firmly on becoming a partner even quicker. From the outside, she seems shallow and only interested in the latest fashion trends, caring more about whether her lipstick matches her purse than about anything so trivial as a job or a mission.

She was quick to collect many friends and almost as many suitors, and is by now very well connected. But this is just the first step in her long-term strategy of playing a much more important role in the organization. Her various talents are much valued by her superiors, but they may underestimate Sugar if they think they can use those to their own advantage.

Joey "Fingers" Arakas (Junior Partner)

A small-time pickpocket, Fingers used to hire himself out to anybody who paid enough, and filched anything from small valuables to top-secret documents out of other people's jackets or coats. Having offended quite a number of people this way, Fingers is always looking over his shoulder and has a rapid-fire way of talking, full of nervous energy. Vain, but lacking the sense of style in fashion many of his superiors show, he is usually dressed in loud, clashing colors, and he is hard to overlook despite his small size.

Fingers has since found a home with the Lawfords, working for Will "Eightball" Jackson, in return for protection from some of his more "persistent" former victims. He is known for his talent of avoiding hard work, claiming his full schedule and sensitive fingers do not allow for menial tasks. To say he has made few friends this way is an understatement, but as long as Eightball thinks him useful, few dare to complain aloud.

Emily "Einstein" Chapelle (Junior Partner)

The heir of a rich but eccentric inventor, Emily has spent her youth building all sorts of ingenious contraptions and watching her father do weird experiments with huge machines.. Schooled in physics and nanotechnology, she followed in her father's footsteps until, one day, the old man died under mysterious circumstances and his latest invention - the one he saw as his biggest breakthrough, dedicating years to it - vanished into thin air. Since then, she has devoted her life and considerable talent to finding the people responsible and getting back her father's greatest work.

She quickly realized that larger forces were at work when some secret service people showed up at her door and threatened her, so she turned to the Lawford Connection to help her in ways the authorities wouldn't. She has, in return, worked for them as a tech-advisor, and has begun to enjoy the more glamorous lifestyle her new friends lead. Emily has yet to learn the finer points of etiquette, and she is known to be absent-minded in conversations and to use a lot of tech-talk, making her seem aloof and a bit geeky.

Deep Silver's 7Million is being developed by Team Vienna and produced by Cliffhanger Productions.

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