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Project Aftermath

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Games Faction
Developer: Games Faction
Release Date: Oct. 2, 2008

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'Project Aftermath' v1.1 Patch/Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 10, 2008 @ 8:47 a.m. PST

Project Aftermath is an arcade RTS game where you command up to four squads of soldiers in exciting battles in a retro-futuristic world. Equip your squads to suit your playing style, researching new items using the spoils of war; choosing from over 100 different weapons, armor, power-up augmentations and spell-like special attacks.

Get the Project Aftermath [PC] v1.1 Patch/Demo off WP (230mb)

  • First off we’ve added a new Tactical Deployment system which provides a number of new and exciting ways to dispense with the New Order. It’s a tiered system which recharges over time, using an item from any tier will roll back the clock a certain amount, and charging will begin again.

Tier one:

The ability to change items (from your inventory) makes the choices on the first play through less of an issue as they can be updated. Calling in a Take Over walker FE when it’s needed, and perhaps replacing it with a shield later on. Of course this will use up ‘Tactical Deployment time’ so when trying to better a score it’s important to get that initial load-out right.

Getting items isn’t without risk, the Item drops are vulnerable to attack and can be destroyed if they aren’t collected in good time! This leads nicely onto the Exploding Trap. This little gem is a lot fun to deploy. Looking like a normal Item drop it draws an attack before emitting a powerful explosion, dispensing attackers with great ease. Best suited to taking out Melee Units!

Tier two:

Tier two is occupied with three new powerful weapons. The Grunt Hunter, as you might expect, hunts out grunts. It’s a simply but effective deployment, methodically searching for targets and eradicating them with its powerful blaster. It is uncontrollable though and will take it’s own path, so awareness of the surrounding targets before deployment makes for happy Grunt Hunting.

The Turret is a large static gun equipped with super fast blasters. It’s a great defensive device and a sure fire winner when facing large numbers of approaching enemies. It’s only downside is it is static.

The Beacon perhaps offers the best of both worlds. As a powerful sentry which can be picked up and moved to another position by Heroes. It’s not all as simple as that though, each time a Beacon is deployed or placed it’s vulnerable while it connects to the orbiting satellite. Once the connection is made it’s weaponised and dishes out electric death with great vigour!

Tier three:

We saw them in the tutorial now they are ready for action again! Containment Teams are deployed as a team of 6 highly skilled troopers armed to the teeth with the best weapons the Morphid army has to offer. They come with a Rally Point which can be moved to place them in the thick of battle or guard a key position. These guys are the real deal!

The final Tactical Deployment option, GOOP Boost can add to the timer allowing access to Deployments sooner than recharging alone. Be warned though, GOOP Boost will cost you GOOP which will eat away at your score!

  • We’ve also added 20 challenge maps to unlock via the campaign mode. For each completed mission, two challenges are unlocked, a normal and extreme version.
  • The Normal challenges used a pre-determined load-out and item set for the Tactical Deployments. As all things are equal these challenges will route out the best players on the score boards.
  • The Extreme challenges take the normal route for set up with players setting up their roll-out before starting the challenge. The test here is firstly to complete the challenge and then to cut back on the roll-out to maximise scores and occupy the top spot on the leader board.

In the aftermath of a great war, when your enemy has wiped out everything you hold dear, the time has come to regroup and strike back. Enlist in the Morphid army and use all the weapons and genetic powers at your disposal to eradicate the New Order menace!

Project Aftermath is an Arcade RTS game where you command up to four squads of soldiers in exciting battles in a retro-futuristic world. Equip your squads to suit your playing style, researching new items using the spoils of war; choosing from over 100 different weapons, armour, power-up augmentations and spell-like special attacks.

Engage in hectic massed battles against hordes of enemies. Capture strategic locations, rescue hostages and slaughter indiscriminately! Explore the landscape to locate hidden treasures and uncover the secrets of both your enemy and the mysterious planet you find yourselves on. Replay missions using fewer soldiers and items to earn greater rewards.

Action, mystery, hideous manmachine hybrids; Project Aftermath has it all.

Key Features :

  • Experience 10 missions of thrilling, fast paced action on a mysterious alien world.
  • Command up to 4 Heroes and see them become more powerful as they gain experience.
  • Classless Heroes mean that you can equip your squad your way, using over 100 different items in 1000s of combinations.
  • You decide how tough a mission is. Over or under equip your Heroes to blast your way through or to challenge the online high score tables.
  • Collect Honours for exceptional skill in battle.

Project Aftermath is available for Windows 2000/XP/Vista now at the official website and at Steam.

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