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'United Football' to Sport In-Game Ads

by Rainier on Dec. 18, 2008 @ 3:40 a.m. PST

United Football is a free to play 5-a-side multiplayer football game where each player on the pitch is controlled by a gamer located anywhere around the world.

United Football is a free to play 5-a-side multiplayer football game where each player on the pitch is controlled by a gamer located anywhere around the world. United Football also includes in-game AI controlled “bots” for those times when there are not enough players around to make up full teams, as well as in-game chatrooms, messaging and a buddy list to keep track of your friends.

While in beta, United Football attracted a solid fan base from the America’s and the UK. Capitalizing on the existing popularity of United Football, Staggan will move to a 2009 global release, increasing its gamer base as well as international advertising opportunities. Along with the international release, Staggan will be presenting a new and optimized version which has the potential to become an instant classic in the field of online football games.

Through their exclusive marketing agreement, JOGO Media will offer significant advertising opportunities to both European and North American advertisers. JOGO expects to offer multiple realistic in-game advertising options - inclusive of billboards, banners and multiple merchandising & branding opportunities. Furthering the realism, JOGO will also offer multiple animated ad formats which will mirror the real-life branding placements typically found in live football games.

Regional Approach for In-Game Advertisers United Football will be primarily targeted to gamers in the UK, US, German, Austrian, Swiss and Portuguese markets. For JOGO Media, United Football represents a significant opportunity to offer international advertisers the chance to engage a dedicated sports-minded audience.

“There will be a wealth of unique ways to advertise in this game” says Jay Drago, CEO of JOGO Media. ”The range of placements includes dynamic virtual billboards, power-up modes, product placements and various other sponsorship options. Additionally, we will support in- game video during natural game breaks. We expect this to have mass appeal amongst traditional major brands who understand the impact of video ads.”

Hendrik Volp, VP of Business Development says, “In building our game portfolio, we focus on key factors that produce a high quality audience for our advertisers. United Football fits our criteria perfectly as it has multinational appeal, is online, free to play, fun and provides a high level of gamer engagement. We want our clients to profit from the advertising opportunities and reach these highly desirable games provide. Combining deep user engagement with our ability to deliver and measure the impact of the ad message is a winning solution for our clients.”

Tested, proven and loved by the 140,000+ beta players in the UK and Americas, United Football offers a complete engaging package for gamers. It boasts a unique control system and perspective that puts the gamer right in the center of the action. It is a true Massive Multiplayer Online Game allowing each member of the team(s) to be a live gamer. Adding voice support to the mix, United Football offers the same level of social interaction that would occur in a real life game.

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