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Steel Panthers: World War 2 - WinSPWW2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Shrapnel Games
Developer: The Camo Workshop
Release Date: May 15, 2006

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'Steel Panthers: World War 2 - WinSPWW2' - v3.5 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 18, 2008 @ 3:56 a.m. PST

WinSPWW2 features true combined arms warfare from 1930 through 1946, an era that saw the theories of J.F.C. Fuller and Giulio Douhet put to the test as the world burned.

Get the WinSPWW2 v3.5 off WP (6mb)

The version 3.5 upgrade patch contains the following additions:

  • 9 new scenarios.
  • 5 revised scenarios.
  • 8 new maps.
  • 6 new or revised photos.
  • 2 revised icons.
  • 36 updated OOB files.
  • 2 revised graphic files.
  • 3686 new icon spots added.
  • Upgraded Cost Calculator, MOBHack, and Extended Map Editor. Minor adjustments made to all three to keep them in sync with other changes made in the game, but no new features.
  • Furthermore, the version 3.5 upgrade patch contains numerous fixes and corrections. Some highlights include:
  • Fixed old "W" key bug where weapon ( 1 ) could not be fired when using the "W" (weapons ) key to fire only 1 weapon.
  • On map Arty command units have been removed from the list of units able to act as spotters. They can no longer call indirect artillery missions which was allowing an arty cheat that existed back to Steel Panthers 2.
  • The delay for adjusting the fall of shot for both on and off map artillery landing out of the observing units line of sight has been increased and in most cases now means only one adjustment can be made without delaying the next fall of shot an extra turn.
  • Landed gliders are no longer automatically destroyed, but are now treated as abandoned vehicles.
  • A bug with all units of a side being destroyed but the game did not end even if all objectives taken has been fixed.
  • Changes have been made to the code so that if your vehicle kicks up dust due to movement then you can no longer undo that vehicle's action. (Note that this also applies for partial smoke that does not generate a smoke graphic in the hex).
  • A new feature for gamers with the Enhanced CD Edition (only, does not apply to the free download version) allows players to check the location on the map of the other units in a formation with a hotkey or a button in the HQ menu.
  • Off map artillery will now have a chance of losing radio contact and when they do they will not appear in the bombard menu. However, if a fire mission has been plotted and you lose contact the turn before the fire mission is scheduled to go in the fire mission will go in as scheduled but because it dropped off the bombard menu just before it did you will not be able to cancel it or shift fire.
  • Many more fixes, including several specifically aimed at PBEM issues.

The upgrade patch works with both the FREE, downloadable version of winSPWW2 and the Enhanced CD edition, although some features are only available to owners of the Enhanced CD edition. Don't own the Enhanced CD version? You're missing out on quite a bit!

Enhanced CD edition owners gain some really great features, like playing at a much higher resolution (like 1600x1200, a thing of beauty to behold), more intense map editing capabilities, more secure PBEM slots, encyclopedic sorting abilities, and more.


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